What to Expect at Tulip Bunnies?


We love trying new things.  Tulip Bunnies is a new thing.  We’ve done some trial runs with the bunnies and are feeling comfortable with them.  They don’t seem to like us very much – it might be because of the chasing…  It will help us all is if we communicate clearly with you about what’s going to happen.  Please read the following carefully so there aren’t any misunderstandingsBunny Example 6

  • We’ve scheduled sessions ten minutes apart to spread out customers throughout the day and minimize any waiting.  Hopefully, we will be right on time.  As always, working with children isn’t an exact science.  Please view your scheduled time as a way for us to spread out customers – not an exact appointment.  It’s not like a dinner reservation or movie time where we are frustrated if it doesn’t start on time.  We really believe we have spaced it well.
  • Our goal is to create two different poses for you with the bunnies.  It may be that these two poses literally take two minutes because your children are easy to work with.  That’s great and we will give high fives all around and move on to the next session.  The plan is to NOT keep shooting until ten minutes have passed – the goal is to get TWO poses.  We’re trying to deliver unparalleled quality at a price that is…FREE.
  • bunny example 1Every day is booked solid.  In fact, we had to extend to three weeks instead of two!  As always, we are expecting to deliver amazing pictures.  However, please remember that these are free sessions and we don’t have a method for retakes.  If your child has a meltdown and we can’t get images, it is going to be a big challenge to simply reschedule.
  • Check in at our counter at the Southwest corner of the Emporium.  The Emporium is adjacent to the big water tower at Thanksgiving Point.  You’ll be given a number card.  We have a number counter that will be displayed through the window at the Emporium so you can know exactly what number we are on at all times.Bunny example 4
  • Bunnies are crazy.  The big ones HATE to be picked up.  The baby ones are okay with it.  If your kids are holding a bunny, it will likely be a baby one.  They don’t seem to bite but they do kick when picked up.  They do have nails and they scratch.  Please know that there’s a chance that a bunny may scratch your child if you want your child to hold one for the picture.
  • We are hoping for perfect weather over the next three weeks.  We will have a make-up day or two at the end of the three weeks if needed for the rescheduling of rained-out sessions.  Again, every day is completely booked and we will likely not be able to reschedule rained-out sessions the FOLLOWING DAY.bunny example 3
  • After your session, we will edit the images.  You’ll likely wait 30 minutes to see your images.  We edit them quicker than that – but it’s also a matter of running the cards around, transferring images to the server, bringing them up on the sales station, etc.
  • You’ll receive a FREE CD with your images.  We are offering five sheets for $20.  We will begin printing your pictures immediately after view your images.Tulip Bunnies sign small
  • Tulips are a little unpredictable.  We are going to have to move around a little throughout the three weeks.  Basically, chasing the tulips.  They plant different kinds that bloom at different times.  So, the colors will vary throughout the three weeks.  Also, we are limited by the laws of nature on when and IF they bloom.  Hopefully, we have beautiful tulips throughout the three weeks, but I suppose there’s a chance that a freak winter storm or ravaging deer might destroy the tulips and we’ll resort to just ‘Flower Bunnies…’

We think we’ve anticipated the challenges with doing this and hope that it all happens without a hitch.  We’ve been practicing and learning about bunny psychology and how to not kill them.  The challenge, when doing something new, is that there’s a learning curve and you don’t always anticipate what’s going to happen.  Please be patient with us throughout but especially the first couple of days.  One thing I can promise, we will do better than what else you can get elsewhere.  For example, Luke was out shopping with his two girls and was given a free Easter Bunny picture:1506587_10154053018525533_6777626421467796173_n

We’re really excited to do this and look forward to creating some awesome images for your family.  We really did laugh the entire time we were doing practice sessions – between seeing the kids’ reactions and corralling rabbits, it was hilarious.  We hope you’ll enjoy the process and the pictures.  If you have any questions at all, please email us at contactus@fotoflyaway.com.

FotoFly FireFly Seniors


While in Las Vegas, as we walked the streets at night taking pictures, we noticed how much control we had over the light.  It seemed like we could do about anything.  We were able to do things with light that we wouldn’t be able to do during the day.  The pictures were unique.   We got excited and were sure we could duplicate the effect right here in Salt Lake City.  So we tried…


The Exchange Place offers a lot of options for creating cool images.


We’re pleased with the result.  Downtown has some amazing architecture and lighting.  We’ve stayed around The Exchange Place (3rd South and Main Street) area and there’s an awesome amount of possibilities for beautiful, stylish pictures.


The graffiti on 3rd South is perfect!

We believe that there is a good idea here and that this type of photography will work really well with seniors (high school, not  retired people).  So, as graduation approaches, we’re offering this service to you.  Your senior pictures will literally be the coolest, most unique images you’ve ever seen.  You’ll be the envy of your friends.  We don’t think that this is a good situation for children or families – so, we’re starting out offering it to seniors only.  


We will be doing two sessions each evening.  One just before sunset and one after that.  So, this time of year, one will be at 7:30 and the next will be at 9:30.   We will be opening up the schedule Monday (March 31) morning.  I’ll post on Facebook when I do.  You’ll schedule through the fotoflyonthespot.com website.


The price will be the same as OnTheSpot sessions:  $195.  Of course, this will include a CD with the electronic images.  Our goal is to always give you a lot of value for what you spend.


You can opt to have the CD sent to you (within a week) or come by the studio to view the images and do any image fine-tuning.  We know that timing is important this time of year.


Just like the OnTheSpot sessions, it will be time-based.  We will plan on shooting for 90 minutes.  This should give us plenty of time to set up some amazing images in various situations.


You can do as many clothing changes as you’d like.  Obviously, we want to spend more time shooting than dressing.


To get this started, we’d like to give FREE FireFly sessions out to FOUR seniors.   To enter, simply make up a word that you’d use to describe this type of senior photography.  The one I would invent is:  ”toocoolforschoolicious.”  Post your word as a comment on the Facebook announcement you just saw.


We are very enthusiastic about this.  We hope your enthusiasm matches ours.  For now, we are going to offer these until mid-June to measure your response and determine whether it’s something that we’ll continue to offer permanently.  If you have questions, email me directly at eric@fotofly.com.

FotoFly Tulip Bunnies


Each year, I get asked to come up with something special for Spring.  It’s something that I’ve struggled with.  Up until now, I haven’t been able to imagine something not cheesy.  I’m not going to put a guy in a creepy bunny suit.  I’m not going to use stuffed bunnies or fake chicks.  To me, even real ones look unnatural inside of a studio.  It seems forced.

Evil Bunny

Finally, we’ve come up with something at Thanksgiving Point.  We’re fencing off an area of their tulip garden and bringing in bunnies.  I think in the natural, springtime, colorful environment, the bunnies will look cool.  We’re calling the program TULIP BUNNIES.

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.56.47 PM

These will be similar to Santa sessions in concept and length.  Tulip Bunnies sessions are NOT regular sessions.  Basically, we’ll be going for two good poses or ten minutes – whichever comes first.  These are going to happen April 14th-26th.

Here’s the deal.  You can’t buy these sessions.  We are including these Tulip Bunnies sessions FOR FREE with any regular session between now and March 23rd.  This is as many sessions as we’re prepared to commit to.


This is how it will work.  Come in for a regular session before March 23rd.  At that time, you’ll choose an appointment for your FREE Tulip Bunnies session.  Again, we will have two weeks open the last half of April.  Morning times, evening times, and Saturday appointments will be available.  The appointment times will be first come/first served.

April CalendarHere are what I think will be FAQ’s:

  • Can I pay for a Tulip Bunnies session?  No.  The way to get a Tulip Bunnies session is to visit us for a regular session before March 23rd.
  • Does it matter if I do a studio session, FotoFlyAway, or FotoFly OnTheSpot?  No – any FotoFly location will qualify.
  • What if there aren’t any times left that work for me?  Because of the nature of this, we’re limited in how long we can offer it.  If no times work out with your schedule, you’ll miss out on the free Tulip Bunnies session.  The total number of appointments will be adequate to schedule everyone.
  • Can we do family pictures at a Tulip Bunnies session?  Yes.  The policies are identical to Santa where you can do group pictures of your family.
  • Will you do group pictures and individuals?  No – unless you had several regular sessions.  We will not have time to do groups and individuals of each family in these sessions.  Again, it will by like Santa in this way.
  • What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?  We’ll have a backup day each week.  We will reschedule you.
  • How will I see my images from my Tulip Bunnies?  After your session, you’ll see them and will receive a CD with the electronic image.  Just like a regular session, you’ll have the opportunity to print immediately.
  • How many bunnies will you have?  We’re not exactly sure.  We want it to look like the kids are playing with bunnies in tulips.  However many accomplishes that.
  • Can I just call ahead and schedule a Tulip Bunnies session as soon as I schedule my regular appointment?  This is tricky…  I think it’s going to get complicated if we let people schedule Tulip Bunnies sessions at various points in the process.  For now, we’re going to schedule your Tulip Bunnies session at the time of your regular session.

We are hoping that you will love this and it will become a new tradition for you and your children.  If you have questions, please email christie@fotofly.com or call the studio at 801-727-3686.

Who Is Your Valentine?

Do you have a husband or wife?  This person is your partner in life and the person you trust the most.  He or she knows the good and the bad about you and loves you anyway.  You’ve experienced  challenges with this person by your side.  You married this person when you were young and, hopefully, will say goodbye when you’re  old.  It’s the most important relationship you will ever have.  It’s more important than the one with your parents, friends, and children.

regular couple

Isn’t it strange that many of us have very few, if any, professional portraits done with our spouse.  Many couples haven’t had them done since their marriage!  Until recently, I was part of that group.  Why is that?  Why don’t we?  Is it that we don’t like the way we look? Is it that we feel silly?  Are we self conscious?  Do we think that a family picture is good enough?


This is a sorry situation.  How would it help us to have a portrait of us as a couple on our phone or on our dresser or in our office?  What a great reminder of who is the most important person in our life!  I think it might help with our perspective.   Another thing:  How are we going to feel when we are, once again, alone with our spouse and we don’t have pictures of each other throughout the stages of our lives?  I predict that the pictures of the two of us will mean more than anything.  We will want more of them.  We won’t care if our hair wasn’t perfect or we had extra weight.  We will just want them.

Marci and I

Marci and I

In December, my wife and I had our pictures done.  It is my Facebook profile picture, my LinkedIn profile picture, it’s on my phone.  It comes up when my wife calls.  I love that picture!  It reminds me that we are a ‘we.’


I think we sometimes feel like we are coworkers and caretakers as parents.  I’ve felt parents’ reactions as we suggest a couple’s picture during a session and I’ve felt bad as many couples decline.  It’s almost as if we feel, “Why would I get a picture with my coworker?”  Well, our spouse is not our coworker and maybe a portrait will serve as a reminder.


To help you this year, we’re going to give you something.  This is for couples who have at least ONE pose of their session be of them as a couple.  It’s not a discount or free prints – but something that goes with the theme Valentine’s Day.  We’re giving away two $5 yogurts at U-Swirl from February 1st until Valentine’s Day.  U-Swirl is in the same shopping center as FotoFly and you can get your yogurt right after your session or as part of a date night (which is also a good idea while we’re on the topic).  We hope that the free yogurt will be enough encouragement to get here and bring your spouse.


I think Valentine’s Day is typically about ‘new love.’  Personally, I think that ‘old love’ is the best.  It’s built over a lifetime of serving someone.  I’ll never forget seeing a very old couple saying goodbye to each other at the airport. They hugged for minutes.  They just weren’t letting go.  It was like they had never been apart.  I want that and I know that love like that has to be earned over many years.  It’s a journey and it would be nice to have some pictures along the way.  Schedule by clicking HERE.

old couple

Worth the Wait

I’ve got good news and bad news and good news.  Let’s start with some good news…

First, we have plenty of FotoFly Santa appointments available before Christmas.  These are just $35 for a couple of poses with your family/children and Santa.  These images make awesome Christmas cards.  FotoFly Santa is located down at Thanksgiving Point and we’re creating some amazing pictures.  Click here to schedule.  While we do have appointments now, that may change in the next ten days.


The bad news is we don’t have a lot (1 actually) of studio appointments available before Christmas.  This is a great problem to have but we HATE turning anyone away.  We want to photograph every family.

The good news is that we are willing to offer something to those of you who can wait until January.  We are DOUBLING whatever you print in the studio (regular sheets – not enlargements, canvases, etc) in January with this coupon.  So, if you buy 3 sheets, we’ll give you 6!  They DON’T have to be the same sizes.  THIS IS TRUE FOR CARDS TOO.  Perhaps you can send out Happy New Year cards and distinguish yourself from the pile of ‘Merry Christmas’ cards people receive this year?  I hope this offer will encourage many of you to wait until January.  Click here to schedule your New Year’s pictures (or maybe Valentine’s Day cards)…

New Years Special

Print this coupon to receive this in January.

There’s a reason why we don’t have appointments left.  We are the best at this.  They say that the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it.  Because anything worth having is worth the wait. 

FotoFly Santa 2013 Edition

It’s that time of year again.  It’s time to write another post about FotoFly Santa.  This is our third year and we think we’ve figured most of this out.  We have three cameras at a single location and three sales computers.  Both are more than we’ve had before.  We’re hoping that we have the equipment and staff to make this process as fun and painless as possible.

  • How close to my appointment time will you start? We have scheduled appointments as a way to spread out customers and attempt to eliminate long wait times.  Because the times are close together, if a child is having a hard time or we have a session with a bunch of cousins, we do spend more time.  Having three cameras should help us absorb that and ensure that we are close to being on schedule.  You may have a small wait time as you get signed in and get dressed.  I’m confident that we will be able to help you quickly after you arrive.  Having said that, there may be a coincidence of issues that put us behind schedule a little.  We’re hoping for your understanding in considering that we’re taking pictures of children and they sometimes take more time than expected.
  • How many poses will we get? We are trying for two poses. We are almost always successful at this.  If your child is really struggling or it’s a large group, we may only get one good pose.  I’ve had two emails already complaining that customers have only received two poses.  This blog post is an attempt to be clear about what to expect.
  • How long will you spend with us during a session? This is an important question.  The time really varies.  If your child is a 7 year old who does exactly what we want and smiles easily, we may very well be done in two minutes with getting two completely different poses.  This doesn’t mean that you’ve been short-changed.  In fact, we are counting on that some sessions will go very quickly.  It’s important to note that this is not like our studio experience – where you are given time and we try to get as much as we can in that time.  This is not a FotoFly ‘mini session.’  Again, we are going for two good poses.  We’ve had some of our best sessions last two minutes.
  • What is the process going to be like?
    • First, you will arrive and we will sign you in at a welcome computer.  You’ll be given a number that you’ll want to give to the photographer.
    • Next, someone will help you get dressed.  We have ten costumes this year to help ensure that we are always moving.  Again, if something weird has happened, it may be that you wait a few minutes to dress.  You can also elect to use our Santa and skip this step.  Keep in mind that we have three cameras and, if you’re wanting the real Santa, it may extend your waiting time a little if the Santa is being used in another session.
    • You’ll queue up to get your pictures taken.  Generally, there will be 3-4 families in the room ahead of you.  We’ll use the numbers that you were given at the beginning to ensure that we are going in order.  You shouldn’t wait a long time in this stage.  The only reason you would is if kids are really struggling in the sessions before you.  You will literally be amazed as you watch the photographers work.
    • You’ll get your pictures taken.  This is the most impressive part of the experience.  You’ll be impressed with how good the photographers are and how sincerely interested they are in getting good pictures of you and your children.  Again, the time spent with your children will vary based on how well the session is going.  A short session is generally a very good sign…  We will give everything we have for you and your children – whatever it takes. We really, really want you to like your Santa pictures – we want the images to be legendary.
    • We will edit the pictures and get them ready for you to see them.  It doesn’t take us very long to edit the pictures.  But, there may be a wait time that may be as long as 60 minutes if we’ve had the customers ahead of you print a lot of prints.  We have THREE viewing computers and FOUR printers this year and our employees are moving quickly but taking the time to be sure that everyone gets exactly what they want.  We will TEXT you when we are ready to show you your images.  That way, you can wander around Thanksgiving Point and figure out a way to spend more money…  Please return quickly or respond to the text telling us when you’ll be back.  If you wait to come back, there may be some additional waiting.
    • We will show you a quick slide show to see your pictures to be sure that you love them before you pay us anything.  Again, the goal is to have two good poses for you to choose from.  You can just pay for your CD and leave or you can print sheets for $5 per sheet.  We’ve got a special deal if you buy three sheets where you pay only $10.
  • A couple of policies to keep in mind:
    • Santa must be in the pictures.
    • If you have a group, we will take pictures of the group.  If you’re wanting individuals of each child, pay for additional, consecutive sessions.  We are offering a discount for each session after the first one.
  • Our legendary quality.
    • Our quality level has become the thing of legend.  In the past, when people have come here after years of being at the mall Santa, the difference is astounding and people rave about what they have received.  This is all very good and we appreciate it.  Having said that, I think the legends sometimes create expectations that may be unreasonable.  Please keep in mind the nature of what we’re doing and, when compared with what you receive at other Santas, our quality is unmatched – however, this is not a situation where we are spending hours with your child and charging you hundreds of dollars.  I will promise that these will be the best Santa pictures you’ve ever seen.  :)

We’re very excited for this year’s FotoFly Santa.  We’ve learned a lot of lessons over the past two years and we think we’re closer to mastering this.  We’ve been stressed about this because we care about everyone that walks through those doors and we really want every one of those kids to be happy and get good pictures.

We are photographing a lot of sessions each day at Thanksgiving Point.  We have a large (15 people) support team who are all working hard to greet, dress, edit, present, and print as well and quickly as possible.  We commit that we will give as much effort into the last session as we did the first. Your pictures will be worth the wait.  Thanks for signing up and trusting us to create some amazing Santa images this year.

September Customer Referral Program

New Header

This time of year is usually our slowest time at FotoFly.  As I mentioned on Facebook, August was our 2nd biggest month so far in 2013 and our 4th best month ever.  Thank you, thank you.  I’d like to keep that trend going in September by offering an incentive for referring people to FotoFly.

This will be a similar program to that we did last Summer:

  • For each person you refer, you’ll receive $10 credit with us.  No limit.  Valid through the end of next year – EXCEPT during the months of November and December.
  • The person you refer must be a new customer and will receive 3 free sheets with their CD if they bring in the coupon below.
  • This will be for sessions that happen starting Thursday (9/12) through the end of September.
  • The TWO people who refer the most will receive a free session at any location.  FotoFly, FotoFlyAway, or FotoFly OnTheSpot.  With less than three weeks until the end of the month, I predict the winners will be 3-4 range…
  • I do realize that anyone reading this post has likely referred people to us in the past.  If you have referred people in the past and you have a session between now and the end of the month, simply tell us that you’ve referred people and I’ll give you three free sheets as a thank you.  In the unlikely event that you haven’t been here before, were referred by someone, AND have also referred others, you cannot combine the three sheet offers…

Just to help, here’s some talking points to help you refer people:

  • “Wow!  You look so tan since it’s Summer.  You should probably get pictures taken.”
  • “Have you ever heard the term win-win?”
  • “You know how you always say that my family is better looking than yours?  Here’s something that might help you…”
  • “I was just noticing that family picture on your wall with your daughter.  Since you now have two more daughters and a son, it might be time…”
  • “Remember how you’ve never measured up to your in-laws?  What if you sent Christmas pictures out in October?”
  • “Your kids are so cute right now but that awkward age could happen anytime…”

I’ve already (a few blog posts ago) offered a free 11×14 coupon if anyone has their FAMILY picture done this month.  With the free 11×14 for families, 3 free sheets, $10 credit for the person who refers and the proximity to Christmas, this is a good month for family pictures.  So, if you think about it, it really does make sense to visit us in September since your kids are so cute right now but that awkward age could happen anytime.  And you look tan.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 9.11.06 PM

FotoFly vs. School Pictures

Our children have headed back to school.  All of us have spent money for clothes, supplies, and registration fees.  It adds up – especially if we have a few children.  I have three and I know many of you have more than that.

School pictures are an additional expense that happen at the beginning of the school year.  Back when my dad and I were shooting school pictures, many of the packages were priced in the single digits.  Those days are gone.

We’ve seen the flyers and the prices for their predetermined packages.  If we have more than a single child in school, it adds up quickly and the total amount is unreasonable – especially when considering the quality we’re receiving.

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 10.59.23 AM

Obviously, I’m biased towards FotoFly and feel like we’re a better value.  I could argue that we are the only reasonably priced option for professionally documenting your children’s ages year to year.

Another thing to consider:  we will capture what makes your child unique.  Is it an instrument, a hobby, a sport, or just a toy?  Try adding that to a school picture…I don’t think they do that.  But at FotoFly, we encourage it and it’s a great way to capture what your child is interested in year to year.  Look below to see what I’m talking about.  Of course, we can also do a traditional, head and shoulders shot too.  :)

To further encourage you to come to us for your school pictures.  I’m going to do something that I haven’t done before.  I am going to give you a free sheet for every child (of that child) when you buy a CD.  If you have five children, you’re getting five sheets.  I personally know a few of you have ten children so I hope you’re reading this…  Starting tomorrow (August 28th, just bring in the coupon below for you session and CD before September 8th (ten days away).  This offer is also good at FotoFlyAway and FotoFly OnTheSpot.  It does NOT apply to extended families!

Screen Shot 2013-08-27 at 12.54.26 PM

So, before you write that check to that national school photographer for 30 seconds of their time, consider coming to FotoFly for 45 minutes of a well-trained, talented photographer whose goal is to bring out what is truly unique in your children.

Family Picture Shortage

Last week, my daughter turned 16 – she’s my youngest.  Here’s the video:  Morgan’s Birthday.  It’s a solid display of my singing voice.  Beautiful harmony at the end.  I also have a nineteen year old and an eighteen year old.  It’s hard to believe how fast they’ve grown and are leaving home.

I got a little nostalgic last week and started organizing old pictures when they were young.  We have very few family pictures.  In reality, we have only FOUR family pictures in Morgan’s 16 years!  You read that right.

It got me thinking about my OWN childhood.  I found my childhood photo book and started looking at pictures.  Again, only a few family portraits.  Here are the family pictures I could find.


I do remember another picture when we were teenagers…  So, coincidentally, my parents also did FOUR family pictures done while I was growing up.  My dad was also a photographer so maybe it’s a case of the shoemaker’s son has no shoes…

I actually think this is a pattern with most of us.  We love getting pictures of our children but are uncomfortable with ourselves.  It usually is our hair, our weight, our face…  I wrote about this two years ago – that we are all waiting for some ‘ideal’ time.  With my own family, we waited too long.  We have a family picture with Morgan when she was a baby, 3 years old, 9 years old, and 12 years old.  That’s it!  I have almost nothing that documents our RELATIONSHIP.  I would give anything to have more images with me in them.  Because I was always the one taking the pictures, it’s as if I didn’t exist.

I encourage you to get into the picture with your child at FotoFly.  It DOES NOT MATTER what you look like!  The key is that we are capturing the RELATIONSHIP between you and your kids – which is always beautiful.  Whatever discomfort exists in getting family pictures taken is nothing compared to the discomfort in living without them later.

To help motivate you, if you bring this coupon in before September 30th and get a family picture (the parent(s) included), I’ll give you a free 11×14.  So, you now have a small reason added to your big reason to finally get that family picture done sooner than later.

Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 11.01.41 PM


Lightroom Workshop

With every photography workshop I’ve taught, I always get requests to teach a Lightroom class.  We are big fans of Lightroom.  It is the program we use 99% of the time at the studio.  There is no better way to organize, edit, and beautify your images quickly.  It has all the power you need to create professional photographs.

Adobe offers a FREE 30 day trial of Lightroom at this link:  Lightroom download.  If you like it, you can buy it from Adobe for $149 or $78 at academicsuperstore.com if you have a student or are a student.

On Saturday August 17th, I will be teaching a four-hour workshop on Lightroom.  The workshop will be 10:00-2:00.  During this four hours, I will teach you everything I know about Lightroom including:

• Organize your image library in a way that makes sense.

• Import and export in whatever format/size you want.

• Create presets to quickly make your images unique and remarkable.

• Easily change cropping, color balance, exposure, contrast, etc. to correct an image.

• Knowing the tricks to make your images POP and look professional.

• Fix problems with the image – change the background, remove skin blemishes, reduce pixelation, darken or lighten part of the picture.

• Create slideshow videos with a few clicks.

If you want to create beautiful photographs, knowing how to use your camera is only part of it.  You must know how to beautify your images the same way professionals do.  Have you ever wondered why your images never look like the pros even though you’re photographing correctly?  Believe me, Lightroom is necessary make your images amazing.  I’m including some before and after pictures that demonstrate the type of things you will be able to do with Lightroom.

We will also offer some cool presets.  The same ones we use at the studio and at FotoFlyAway.

The cost is $30.  It’s worth $30.  This workshop will be very hands-on with your own computers.  I’ll get you some images before the class so we’re all working from the same images.  You will learn.

Sign up by clicking here. 


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