The FotoFly Bachelor

As we approach Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be fun to have our very own ‘The Bachelor’ event at FotoFly.  Of course, ours will be different.  You submit someone and, if she wins, YOU WIN A CD!  Simply, you email a picture and answer a few questions about someone that you believe will be a good match for Daniel, we choose and post the finalists to Facebook, then our fans vote.  The winner and Daniel will go on a special date sponsored by FotoFly!  Scroll down for the details.

He's definitely got some super-sweet moves.

Our bachelor is, of course, Daniel Silva.  Many of you already know him.  How can I describe him?  He’s quite the character…  He’s 24 years old.  He’s a student at the U of U.  He’s originally from Brazil but has spent most of his life in the U.S.  He speaks Portuguese and English.  He spent two years in New York as a missionary.  He sings, he dances, he makes panther noises.  He does a mean Donald Duck impression.  Definitely a snappy dresser.  He’s very thoughtful and smart and has more charisma than I do.  Yes, he’s that charismatic.

Daniel also has the staff record for number of different hairstyles.

He is poised to have a long, very profitable career with FotoFly as long as he continues to eagerly follow every command.  Seriously, he is a key player on the ground level of a successful company that will expand.  He’s proven to be a hard worker and very able to perform beyond expectations.  He definitely keeps things interesting in the studio and our customers love him.  In other words, he’s a GOOD CATCH.

Daniel is king of the slightly-open mouth look.

Here’s how this is going to work:  you may submit someone that you believe will be a good match for Daniel.  You may not submit yourself!

Step #1:  Submission  February 1st-6th

How to submit someone, email me ( the following:

  • A picture of the person.

The answers to these four questions:

  • What does she like to do in her free time?
  • Describe her style.
  • What are the top three things that she is looking for in a man?
  • Why do you think she would be a good match for Daniel?

Step #2:  Review and Post February 7th

We will choose several finalists that we believe are the closest matches.  We will then post those finalists on Facebook.

Step #3:  Public vote  February 8th-9th

After posting on Facebook, you will be able to vote for the person you think is the best match for Daniel.  You will vote by ‘liking’ a finalist.  We have devised a way to do this in a way that doesn’t allow people to simply recruit others to vote for their submission.

Step #4:  Winner chosen February 10th

We will select the winner on February 10th.  Our intention is that the date will happen on the Saturday before Valentine’s Day (February 12th).  The person who submitted the winner will also receive a CD!

He also has the staff record for number of pictures of himself.

We hope that you will participate and get involved in ‘The Bachelor.’  The winner is guaranteed to have fun on this date.  This should be fun and, who knows, we may end up changing some lives!  :)

Why do we do workshops?

In the last six months, we’ve done four photography workshops.  Starting last month, our goal is to do a workshop monthly.  We are developing four types of classes:

  • Photography basics
  • Photography advanced
  • Photoshop basics
  • Photoshop advanced.

Last month, it was photography basics.  We had 40 people show up with camera and notepad in hand.  The cameras ranged from point & shoot to a few high-end prosumer models.  Our participants were old and young.  Everyone had a shared interest in photography.  Our goal was to give a foundation of knowledge that they could build on.

The class lasted about two hours (next time, we are going to have an intermission).  Every person that came seemed very interested and excited about what we covered.  The workshop is pretty structured because we’re teaching a lot of material.  We’ve tried to make it as interesting and captivating as possible.  Here are some highlights:

Of course, we have refreshments. Learning requires energy. Energy requires sugar. :)

I noticed that there are a lot of jackets in the room. Either that’s the style or we have it cold in the studio. It’s probably a style because I felt completely comfortable.

As we go, we take the time to be sure EVERYBODY understands how to control the basic functions of their camera.

This is me showing how to shoot with a couple of pistols. The B&W makes it more dramatic and scary.

Another shot of the attendees in rapt attention; hanging on my every word.

Here I’m giving someone a high-five. She left me hangin’. Perhaps because of the crazy eye.

She is clearly pondering the profound comment that was just made (by me).

Daniel was there - trying to help. You can tell that this woman is disappointed that Dan is helping her rather than the master (me).

Here’s Dan and Sara posing. Actually, they’re not. That’s just how they stand by each other.

One question we get a lot is, “Why do it?”  It’s confusing for people that we aren’t charging for this – people are willing to pay for it.  Also, we get asked if we’re afraid that we’re training our future competitors.  If we are training people that will be able to take pictures of their own children, isn’t that one less customer?

So, why do we do it?  Two reasons.  First, we enjoy these workshops.  It’s fun to interact with the public.  The people that come are always fun, interested, and appreciative.  It’s cool to get with people that have our same passion for photography.  Second: we do believe that doing this for the community will benefit FotoFly.  Maybe not directly, but we are letting people get to know us.  We’ve found that helping people is the best way to build relationships with them.

We know that our company will succeed if we build real relationships with enough people.  We are lucky as photographers because we have a huge opportunity to do that in every session.  If we were selling shirts or copiers, the chance of building a lasting relationship is not as easy.  It’s easier to build that relationship with parents when you are jumping on the ground, tickling their two year old so that they will have an image that shows the real personality of their child.  Trust me, parents find it endearing.

So, our workshops are just one more way that we can build a lasting relationship with you.  Our company will succeed or fail one relationship at a time.  However, this isn’t just a long-term financial strategy.  We don’t really think about that.  In the moment, it really does just feel good to serve and that’s as good a benefit as any.