The Evolution of FotoFly

When FotoFly was opened almost two years ago, we knew it would be a great concept.  We were going to create amazing images using a unique environment at a reasonable price.  On day one, however, we knew that it wouldn’t last if we didn’t evolve.

So, we have.  Beginning tomorrow, our expansion is open. We have grown into the adjacent location and have been building for the past three months.  The result is the next level of studio photography.

We're good at making new things look ancient...

We have created stairways and hallways, cozy rooms and expansive areas.  We’ve used brick, metal, concrete, wood, stucco.  You’ll see niches and alcoves, trapdoors and pocket doors.  Whether your taste is industrial or intimate, we deliver.

The primary difference in this studio from what we’ve had in the past is the the progression from ’2-D’ to ’3-D.’  Instead of simply having different walls, there is more structure to the new studio.  Instead of using furniture, we will photograph your family on the stairs, ledges, hallways, doorways, niches, and alcoves.

I went up and down these stairs a dozen times just because I could.

The materials and design of the studio is meant to make it easy for us to pose and photograph your family in a way that doesn’t take the focus off of your family.  The studio is cool and current and real – but it won’t be the focal point of any picture.  Your family will be and that’s how it should be.

Our photographers are creative people.  They have taken our existing studio and photographed your families in ways that I never imagined when we built the studio.  With the 3D nature of the expansion, I’m thinking that their brains will literally explode with creativity.  The magic of FotoFly actually has little to do with the building.  Rather, the magic is our people and how they feel about you and your kids.  They don’t view this as a customer/employee relationship.  They truly believe that you are just two humans who are working hard to create some amazing images.  This new building just made it easier for this to happen.

We hired new photographers months ago and have been training them full time in preparation for this day.  They have been on their own for some time and everyone is more than ready to create with the new studio.

There have been several attempts to duplicate our facility and pricing.  I believe this expansion will serve as the new target.  I hope that this concept will further distinguish us from our competition.  I love competition.  It makes me think, “If I wasn’t FotoFly, how would I beat Fotofly?”  Our first response to that question was to open FotoFlyAway because we didn’t offer outdoor photography.  Our second response is this expansion.  I think that, if I continue to answer that question with innovation, we will be one step ahead of other studios.  Competition makes us all better – which benefits everyone – especially the customer.

This is opposite our 'blue' door on the brick area of the existing studio.

How will we spend time among the three areas during a session? Simply, we will split the time evenly among all areas of our studio – new and old.  To do otherwise would effectively change our studio from a 3-camera studio to a single camera – which cannot happen.  The good news is that, now we are done with the expansion, our focus will now turn to innovating with our existing studio and updating some of the walls that are easily changed.

All sessions will include a combination of our existing and expansion areas and will have more variety than from any other studio in the world.  My family has been in this business for four generations, I’m familiar with the industry, and there’s nothing like this.  Anywhere.

This wall is an artistic piece designed around the Fibonacci sequence.

We have opened up our schedule so that we will start 3 sessions per hour.  The options are:  FLYCYCLE ONE, FLYCYLE TWO, AND FLYCYCLE THREE. There is no difference between these options in how we will photograph your session. The only differentiator is WHEN they start.  They start at :00, :30, and :15 respectively each hour.

We were going to paint this brick but we decided we liked it as is.

Our studio is almost twice as big.  We were tempted to create two additional camera rooms.  Instead of doing so, we created one large photography environment.  It was tempting to pack in two separate rooms and that would have allowed us to photograph another two sessions per hour.  Instead, we’ve doubled in size and only added one more session each hour.

There are a few elements of the studio that are more than just new things to photograph on and in front of.  For example, beyond the garage door that you see above, there is a small room that has a trap-door in the ceiling.  The idea is that we would be able to shoot straight down on someone inside.

The wood you see is actually the floor. Is your mind blown?

Another example of thinking differently is the addition of a Murphy Bed that is hidden in the wall.  Often, I would come across images of families, kids, and newborns on beds that I thought were very cool and fun.  I saw images of children snuggling with newborn babies and older kids jumping on the bed and families laying together.  So, I got it in my head that I wanted a bed in this studio.  So, we now have a bed.  I think it will also serve me well if I’m ever in dutch with the wife.

Yes, we have a bed at FotoFly.

In addition to the new photo area, we have expanded other elements of the studio.  We have an expanded children’s playroom, a larger reception area, and two additional sales stations.

We've almost doubled the space of our reception area.

We've added TWO additional sales rooms.

We are excited about growing and are grateful for this community that has supported us so well since we opened.  It was exactly two years ago this week that we got access to our new studio.  It feels like coming full circle to repeat this.  Thank you to everyone who has visited FotoFly in the past and this expansion is meant to deliver photography that is even more unique and inspiring.

We have expanded the appointment schedule to reflect the expansion.  Schedule at or call the studio at 801-727-FOTO.  We know many of you have been aware of the expansion and have been waiting to schedule.  The wait is over.

Again, the main purpose of this evolution is to be better able to create remarkable images that bring out the best in you and your family.  Come see for yourself.  :)