Creepy!!! These pictures show children SECONDS before the 80 years before their death!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  Looking at the pictures of these children the moment before they proceeded to their eventual death was really scary.  To think that their lives would actually end around 2095 blew my mind.  I mean, that’s a year that’s just around the corner if you don’t know that much about numbers – which most kids don’t!  These children seemed completely oblivious.  They had literally never thought about it!  How could children be that carefree about what was going to happen sooner or later?  Probably later but still.  They could count the number of decades they had left on just two hands!kaysville-21

When you realize that these pictures were taken just seconds before the rest of their lives and eventual death, it gives you chills!  What’s more shocking is that they were actually growing and changing to some infinitesimal degree DURING THE SESSION!  In other words, they weren’t even the same person by the end of the session as they were at the start.  How’s that for a mind-bender?kaysville-9

I don’t want to freak you out but your children are doing exactly the same thing!  Not just one – ALL OF THEM!  Take a good look because they are just seconds away from the future and we all know where that’s headed…kaysville-36

Before your children become completely different, we encourage you to get some amazing, creative pictures done at FotoFly Home in Kaysville.  For just $99 until March 15th and $125 after that, we’ll freeze this process for you!  We can’t put off the inevitable, but we can stop aging in it’s tracks for an hour. kaysville-35

Pictures on your iPhone won’t help.  In fact, there have been many studies that I’ve maybe heard about or imagined that PROVE that the radiation from your phone is actually SPEEDING UP THE PROCESS!  Let FotoFly do what we do best with our radiation-free cameras.  If you don’t and your child dies sometime after you pass away, how guilty will you feel??  Let that sink in.fotoflyhome-01

We began practice sessions yesterday at FotoFly Home and created some very cool images.  Using the natural light of the windows is beautiful and gives our photographers opportunities to give you a look that you haven’t seen from FotoFly before.  You will love these pictures.eric-2

This giveaway is different.  We are going to randomly give THREE sessions away to unsuspecting customers who visit us on or before March 15th.  We’re going to have a bowl that you draw from at the end of your session.  It’ll be fun.  I think I’ll feel like Willy Wonka or something – we need to get some golden tickets…  Schedule for a chance to win by clicking below.eric-4

You should do it.  Stop killing your kids with your phones and let us safely save the memory of them before it’s too late!schedule-01

This video includes dogs, french kissing, rejection and a little spirituality.

There are currently 2,535,872 videos of puppies on the internet according to a study that I made up.  Everyone loves puppies.  Fact.  Here’s one more that has cuteness, unrequited love and religion – the trifecta of good puppy videos:

These two dogs are our eight year old Louie and our three month old Elly.  They are both toy poodles.  What kind of man owns toy poodles?  Someone who is very secure in his masculinity – that’s who.  Why are you smirking like that?  Do you want to take this outside??  He’s a very manly toy poodle.  He can jump really high when you’re holding a treat:

We love our dogs.  Louie is a member of the family.  Elly is questionable until she gets potty-trained and stops biting my nose.  Although it’s kinda funny to see her wagging her tail guilt-free after pooping in the kitchen.  She hasn’t developed shame yet.  We’re working on making her feel more shameful.  She also doesn’t have a good sense of respecting personal space.  This is what I’m dealing with as I write this:Elly-1

The good news for pet lovers is that we are photographing pets at our Kaysville studio!  It just makes sense that a ‘home’ studio would allow pets.  You may even see Louie and Elly there.  If you see Elly, don’t get your nose close to her.  She’ll start with licking but that’s just a ruse.

Pets vector icons - cats and dogs

To schedule a session at FotoFly Home, simply click HERE.  If you have a session before March 15th, we’re charging $99 instead of $125.  We were doing practice sessions today and we’re doing some amazing work.  I’ll post some tomorrow.

To enter this contest, post a picture/video of your pet on the Facebook post that led you here.  I’ll choose my favorite tomorrow night using this criteria:  I’m not really sure but I’ll know it when I see it.

You won’t believe what happens next!

high five

I couldn’t believe what I just saw!  Is it really possible??  I have never really heard of this happening.  I literally thought that it was impossible to miss a high five from one foot away!  At first, I thought it must have been staged.  But, after several expert reviews of the video, we’ve decided that this video is  authentic:

We were concerned that, if they couldn’t do a high-five at close range, there must be something medically wrong with them.  After  neurological and muscular tests usually reserved for spinal cord injuries, we’ve learned that they both suffer from ‘incoordination.’  It  isn’t curable and they’ll deal with it the rest of their lives.  They may never catch a ball again.

Speaking of coordination, we have a photographer who is very coordinated.  Her name is Kate and she’s been a photographer for FotoFly for almost THREE YEARS!  And she can do this:Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.01.10 PM

After Bobbi, Kenny, and I work for the first 4 weeks to fully establish our style at the new studio in Kaysville, Kate will take over.  We will be using a combination of flash and natural light.  This is a higher level of difficulty and she is qualified to create some amazing images for you.  She can also give you a high-five at the end of your session – with her foot.  If you want.  Or with her hand.  Whichever isn’t that sweaty.  Her hands aren’t usually sweaty but her feet – you know, they’re inside of her shoes and when she’s running around… This is getting more awkward the more I talk about it.

fotoflyhome-01The new studio is called FotoFly Home.  The studio is actually a home we’ve redesigned in Kaysville.  It’s at 196 N. 200 W.  We’ve been busy designing, constructing and furnishing this home.  We will offer a relaxing, natural style.  Sessions will last longer than they do at the studio.$99-01

During the first four weeks we’re open, you can get a FotoFly Home session for $99 instead of $125.  So, if you schedule before March 15th, you’ll get a discount for being an early adopter.  Click ‘schedule’ below to schedule (that was probably unnecessary instruction).  You won’t regret giving this new concept a try.schedule-01

I’d like to give away another session for FotoFly Home.  To win, comment on the Facebook post that led you here.  Simply tell us your most embarrassing moment.  We’ll choose our favorite tomorrow.  We’ll continue the ‘manipulative headline giveaways’ tomorrow.  You won’t believe what happens next!

Jimmy’s SHOCKING Review of Fifty Shades of Gray

jimmy 2

You won’t believe my unbelievable interview with ‘Jimmy.’  (His name has been changed to protect his reputation)  It took a completely unexpected turn that I never would have imagined!  Here’s the interview:

Me:  ”Hey Jimmy.  How’s it going?”

Jimmy:  ”Okay I guess.  Why are you being nice to me?  Do you need something?”

Me:  ”No.  Actually yes.  I need one of you to wash my car but we can talk about that later.  I wanted to ask your opinion of Fifty Shades of Gray.”

Jimmy:  ”Is there really that many?  I only use about five.”

Me:  ”No.  The movie.  What do you think about it?  I hear it’s pretty controversial.”

Jimmy:  ”Never heard of it.”

Me:  ”It was also a book.  It’s about a guy and a girl and it has weird stuff in it.  I actually don’t know much about it but it is controversial.”

Jimmy:  ”I don’t read books.  I work a lot of hours.  You should know that.  Also, I’d like to talk about getting a raise.”

Me:  ”Uh.  So.  What else is going on?”

Jimmy:  ”We’re getting ready for our new studio going up in Kaysville.  You should know that.”

Me:  ”Watch that insubordinate tone.”

Jimmy:  ”Sorry sir.”

Me:  ”I told you to call me Captain.”

Jimmy:  ”Will do captain.”

Me:  ”Don’t let it happen again.  You know I have self-esteem issues.”

Jimmy:  ”Can we stop talking now?  I have a lot to do.  This new studio is a lot of work to set up.  It’s going to be a completely different concept than our Draper studio!”

Me:  ”It sounds awesome!  I’m sure I’ll get more details later.”

Jimmy:  ”Why are you acting like you don’t know what’s happening with the new studio?”

Me:  ”It’s so I can build suspense throughout the week.  And watch that tone.”

Jimmy:  ”Yes captain.”

Me:  ”Okay then.  Don’t forget about my car.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard!  It was shocking how Jimmy thought he should get a raise.  It was unbelievable!

jimmy 3

As I thought about it more, I thought I should be more giving.  So, I’m giving a free session to one of you for the NEW studio.  Enter by commenting to the Facebook post connected to this blog.  Just finish the sentence:  “I couldn’t believe it when…”  Hopefully, this will be a fun one.  We’ll pick our favorites tomorrow and announce another opportunity to win.

The artificial drama created by catchy headlines will continue throughout the week…

Tulip Bunnies 2015


Last year, we created Tulip Bunnies to offer a cool, unique option for simple Easter pictures that wasn’t this:

Evil Bunny

Once again we’re fencing off an area of their tulip garden and bringing in bunnies.  The natural, springtime, colorful environment, and the bunnies look cool!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.56.47 PM

These will be similar to Santa sessions in concept and length.  Tulip Bunnies sessions are NOT regular sessions.  Basically, we’ll be going for two good poses or ten minutes – whichever comes first.  These are going to happen April 13th-25th.bunny-example-3

We’re changing the deal this year.  If you visit the studio between now and the end of February for a regular session, you will be able to get a Tulip Bunnies session for $20.  We are only doing this for two weeks – we’ll have a limited number of sessions.  Blue bunny tracks for Easter eggs hunt

This is how it will work.  Come in for a regular session before February 28th.  At that time, you’ll choose an appointment for your Tulip Bunnies session.  You’ll pay the $20 for your Bunnies session at that time.  Again, we will have two weeks open the last half of April.  Morning times, evening times, and Saturday appointments will be available.  The appointment times will be first come/first served.Bunnies calendar

Here are what I think will be FAQ’s:

  • Can I just pay for a Tulip Bunnies session?  No.  The way to get a Tulip Bunnies session is to visit us for a regular session before February 28th and pay $20.
  • What if there aren’t any times left that work for me?  Because of the nature of this, we’re limited in how long we can offer it.  If no times work out with your schedule, you’ll miss out on the Tulip Bunnies session.  The total number of appointments will be adequate to schedule everyone who visits the studio.
  • Can we do family pictures at a Tulip Bunnies session?  Yes.  The policies are identical to Santa where you can do group pictures of your family.
  • Will you do group pictures and individuals?  No – unless you had several regular sessions.  We will not have time to do groups and individuals of each family in these sessions.  Again, it will by like Santa in this way.
  • What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?  We’ll have backup times each week.  We will reschedule you.
  • How will I see my images from my Tulip Bunnies? As we did at Santa, you’ll receive a card with your session number and be able to download your images later that day.
  • How many bunnies will you have?  We’re not exactly sure.  We want it to look like the kids are playing with bunnies in tulips.  However many accomplishes that.
  • Can I just call ahead and schedule a Tulip Bunnies session as soon as I schedule my regular appointment?  This is tricky…  I think it’s going to get complicated if we let people schedule Tulip Bunnies sessions at various points in the process.  For now, we’re going to schedule your Tulip Bunnies session at the time of your regular session.  Again, you’ll pay just $20.

We are hoping that you will love this and it will become a new tradition for you and your children.  If you have questions, please email or call the studio at 801-727-3686.  To schedule your regular session at the studio, click the link below. Blue bunny tracks for Easter eggs hunt