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Many of you who are reading this are creative.  Many of you are interested in photography.  Many of you would love to be a photographer.  I understand why.  When you’re a photographer, you get to create everyday something that someone truly appreciates.  There is nothing like seeing the face of a mom as she looks at pictures of her children that you created…and then looks at you…I love that moment.

Photography is a talent and I know many of you have it – or, you have potential.  Maybe you’d like to pursue this and develop this talent but are not sure how.  Some of you have come to my workshops.  I’ve listened to you aspiring photographers for four years now.  You want to learn.  Some want to learn just so they can take their own children’s pictures.  Some want to become good enough that they could actually make money at it.  We have something for you.

FotoFly has created a way for you to become a world-class photographer.  Not an average photographer, not a beginner photographer, not an amateur – but a real, world-class photographer.  We’ve had this vision for a long time.  We’ve created a comprehensive curriculum.  We have an ideal facility.  We’ve FINALLY gotten the licensing from the state.  We’re ready to begin FotoFly Academy.FotoFly_FA

FotoFly Academy is a three-month photography school at Thanksgiving Point.  In those three months, you will develop the very same skills as our own photographers.  It doesn’t matter what past experience you have.  Many of our best photographers had almost no photography experience prior to being trained by FotoFly.  Just a few examples:

Maquel was a server at Texas Roadhouse

Maquel was a server at Texas Roadhouse

Kenny was a security guard.

Kenny was a security guard.

Bobbi worked at a ski resort.

Bobbi worked at a ski resort.

Tom was a musician.

Tom was a musician.

Each of our photographers has become a world-class photographer in a remarkably short amount of time.  We know how to create photographers.  We can make you a photographer.  You will learn everything you need to become a photographer.  We’re holding nothing back.  If it is your goal to make money, this will help you stand out from the hundreds of aspiring photographers in Utah. 

FOTOFLYYou will become FotoFly Certified.  With that will come certain benefits that you can read about on our academy website.

It is our intention that all future FotoFly photographers will be hired from past FotoFly Academy graduates.  We don’t promise that we will hire you if you graduate, but it is how you would become a potential candidate.

If you graduate from FotoFly Academy, you will become one of us and we will consider you part of the FotoFamily.  IMG_2504

Why are we doing this?  Because someone needs to.  There needs to be a standard established that will allow customers to know if someone has really been trained and knows what he or she is doing.  As of now, there’s no certification, no licensing, nothing.  All customers have is a photographer’s website with sample images that may or may not be his or her own work.  Or, those awesome pictures may represent the very best images taken over the past two years.  I’m afraid too many families, brides, couples and parents are getting burned – wasting their money and TIME.

We’re discounting the tuition for this first semester by $2,000.

The guarantee is that you will become an amazingly skilled, incredibly versatile photographer – ready to work in a studio or outdoors or indoors – anywhere.  It’s not going to be an easy process, but you will have a skill that you will have forever.  You can take it with you anywhere and it will benefit you for the rest of your life.  When you graduate, customers will respect you, other photographers will respect you, I’ll respect you – because you’ll have earned it.

Here’s the exciting/challenging part, classes start on June 16th!  We had secure our ‘post-secondary school’ license before we could advertise publicly.  Because of the shortened notice, we will be slightly flexible about when you must be paid in full.  To reserve your place, visit our website and pay the enrollment fee.  We actually already have a paid student before we’ve advertised!  We understand that you may have a lot of questions but want to reserve a spot, we are allowing refunds of the enrollment fee until June 9th.  To enroll, learn more, and contact us with any questions, visit:


Finally, one more way to earn a free session from FotoFly…  If you refer someone who ends up being a student, we’ll give you a free session at any location.  It’s the least we can do.

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