Christmas in July

We love traditions at FotoFly.  When someone hits their one-year-mark with our company, we smash a cake in her face.  When someone has a birthday, we print an enlargement and everyone signs it.  Everyday, Luke and I drink a 44 oz Sonic.  Traditions all.

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Every year, we’ve done ‘Christmas in July’ where we give you a discount and let you schedule early for FotoFly Santa.  This year, the tradition continues.


If you visit us in July at any FotoFly location, you’ll receive a coupon that will allow you to pay $25 instead of $35 for your Santa pictures. You’ll also be able to schedule ahead of the public.  This offer is good beginning today through July 31st.  Santa FF#1-34 copy

We’re very excited for Santa this year.  We’re offering EasyFoto for free to every Santa customer.  EasyFoto will make the entire process very easy and painless.  No more waiting to see your images!EasyFotoLogo

Obviously, Christmas in July is a way for us to encourage you to visit FotoFly.  We’re offering encouragement.  I just looked it up and one of the definitions of encouragement is ‘the action of giving someone support, confidence, or hope.’  So, if you really think about it we’re just supporting you in doing the right thing, offering confidence that you’re a good parent who doesn’t neglect your responsibility to document the development of your family, and we’re giving you hope that you will get a FotoFly Santa appointment that works easily with your schedule so your husband can be the one to dress as Santa this year.Santa-2

To react to this encouragement and visit us in July, simply click on one of the links below.

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