Christmas in July

Are we doing Santa pictures in July.  No.  But, we’ve decided to offer a future discount on Santa pictures and an opportunity to schedule an appointment before we open the schedule to the public.

Last year, we providing a new style of Santa.  Instead of the typical mall Santa photo where your petrified child is screaming on some stranger’s lap, we decided to go another direction.  We would provide Santa clothing to parents and then capture cute moments between them and their children.  The result was cool as we captured children interacting with their parents.  Our goal was to create an awesome image – most of the time, we did two.  We set up in a large tent at Thanksgiving Point and it worked out really well.

Last year, we asked our best photographers to come help with Santa.  We felt like having experienced photographers was important because of the challenge of photographing twelve families per hour.  I was one of those photographers.  I think that seasonal, briefly trained photographers is not a good match for the situation.

We also decided to provide appointments last year, rather than expect parents to wait in amazingly long lines.  Long lines + small children = bad pictures.

Let’s talk about price.  Instead of charging $35+ for a few printed pictures, we thought that charging less and providing the electronic image is what people really want.  We were right.

We thought it would be popular.  We didn’t fully expect what happened.  Last year, we had almost 500 families sign up in the first hour.  Needless to say, the appointments were filled within a matter of days and we had to turn away a lot of people.

We are doing the same thing this year.  In fact, we’re expanding.  We will start earlier in November and will be open more hours each day.  We are going to charge $25 for your images on a flash drive.  On top of the flash drive, you can also print sheets for $3.

Here’s the deal for Christmas in July.  For any session completed Monday-Friday in July at the studio or at FotoFlyAway, you will receive a certificate for 50% the flash drive price for Santa pictures in November/December.  With this deal, you’ll only pay $12.50 for your flash drive and session!  You will also have the opportunity to schedule your session before we open appointments to the public. So, you will win three ways.  First, you’ll get awesome images right now.  Second, you get a great discount for Santa pictures.  Third, you’ll get a guaranteed time reserved.

How it will work is that you’ll get a numbered coupon during your weekday session.  Hang on to it and bring it with you for your Santa session in November or December.  As we get closer to Christmas, we will email you a link to schedule your appointment.  You’ll get this email prior to us opening up times to the general public.  This deal begins on 7/11!  Call the studio at 801-727-FOTO or call FotoFlyAway at 801-407-8111.  Or visit our website to schedule online.

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