Creepy!!! These pictures show children SECONDS before the 80 years before their death!

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing!  Looking at the pictures of these children the moment before they proceeded to their eventual death was really scary.  To think that their lives would actually end around 2095 blew my mind.  I mean, that’s a year that’s just around the corner if you don’t know that much about numbers – which most kids don’t!  These children seemed completely oblivious.  They had literally never thought about it!  How could children be that carefree about what was going to happen sooner or later?  Probably later but still.  They could count the number of decades they had left on just two hands!kaysville-21

When you realize that these pictures were taken just seconds before the rest of their lives and eventual death, it gives you chills!  What’s more shocking is that they were actually growing and changing to some infinitesimal degree DURING THE SESSION!  In other words, they weren’t even the same person by the end of the session as they were at the start.  How’s that for a mind-bender?kaysville-9

I don’t want to freak you out but your children are doing exactly the same thing!  Not just one – ALL OF THEM!  Take a good look because they are just seconds away from the future and we all know where that’s headed…kaysville-36

Before your children become completely different, we encourage you to get some amazing, creative pictures done at FotoFly Home in Kaysville.  For just $99 until March 15th and $125 after that, we’ll freeze this process for you!  We can’t put off the inevitable, but we can stop aging in it’s tracks for an hour. kaysville-35

Pictures on your iPhone won’t help.  In fact, there have been many studies that I’ve maybe heard about or imagined that PROVE that the radiation from your phone is actually SPEEDING UP THE PROCESS!  Let FotoFly do what we do best with our radiation-free cameras.  If you don’t and your child dies sometime after you pass away, how guilty will you feel??  Let that sink in.fotoflyhome-01

We began practice sessions yesterday at FotoFly Home and created some very cool images.  Using the natural light of the windows is beautiful and gives our photographers opportunities to give you a look that you haven’t seen from FotoFly before.  You will love these pictures.eric-2

This giveaway is different.  We are going to randomly give THREE sessions away to unsuspecting customers who visit us on or before March 15th.  We’re going to have a bowl that you draw from at the end of your session.  It’ll be fun.  I think I’ll feel like Willy Wonka or something – we need to get some golden tickets…  Schedule for a chance to win by clicking below.eric-4

You should do it.  Stop killing your kids with your phones and let us safely save the memory of them before it’s too late!schedule-01

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