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While in Las Vegas, as we walked the streets at night taking pictures, we noticed how much control we had over the light.  It seemed like we could do about anything.  We were able to do things with light that we wouldn’t be able to do during the day.  The pictures were unique.   We got excited and were sure we could duplicate the effect right here in Salt Lake City.  So we tried…


The Exchange Place offers a lot of options for creating cool images.


We’re pleased with the result.  Downtown has some amazing architecture and lighting.  We’ve stayed around The Exchange Place (3rd South and Main Street) area and there’s an awesome amount of possibilities for beautiful, stylish pictures.


The graffiti on 3rd South is perfect!

We believe that there is a good idea here and that this type of photography will work really well with seniors (high school, not  retired people).  So, as graduation approaches, we’re offering this service to you.  Your senior pictures will literally be the coolest, most unique images you’ve ever seen.  You’ll be the envy of your friends.  We don’t think that this is a good situation for children or families – so, we’re starting out offering it to seniors only.  


We will be doing two sessions each evening.  One just before sunset and one after that.  So, this time of year, one will be at 7:30 and the next will be at 9:30.   We will be opening up the schedule Monday (March 31) morning.  I’ll post on Facebook when I do.  You’ll schedule through the website.


The price will be the same as OnTheSpot sessions:  $195.  Of course, this will include a CD with the electronic images.  Our goal is to always give you a lot of value for what you spend.


You can opt to have the CD sent to you (within a week) or come by the studio to view the images and do any image fine-tuning.  We know that timing is important this time of year.


Just like the OnTheSpot sessions, it will be time-based.  We will plan on shooting for 90 minutes.  This should give us plenty of time to set up some amazing images in various situations.


You can do as many clothing changes as you’d like.  Obviously, we want to spend more time shooting than dressing.


To get this started, we’d like to give FREE FireFly sessions out to FOUR seniors.   To enter, simply make up a word that you’d use to describe this type of senior photography.  The one I would invent is:  ”toocoolforschoolicious.”  Post your word as a comment on the Facebook announcement you just saw.


We are very enthusiastic about this.  We hope your enthusiasm matches ours.  For now, we are going to offer these until mid-June to measure your response and determine whether it’s something that we’ll continue to offer permanently.  If you have questions, email me directly at

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