FotoFly has finally Landed!

Well, we’re finally opening the doors and are ready to go! Everyone is really excited about the studio and even more excited to get started this week. FotoFly introduces a new flight to photography with great prices and a unique and very artistic approach to the studio experience.

Our studio has two Fotowings where sessions will take place, and we have staggered
appointments in such a way that no two sessions will begin at the same time. The reserved wing will be where the FotoSession begins and where the majority of the photos will be taken. However, in most cases, photos will be taken in both wings. While both wings can accommodate any age group, we do have a few recommendations. The left wing is recommended for older children, seniors, families, and large groups. The right wing is recommended for newborns, toddlers, small groups of young children, and families. Both wings have canvas and fabric backdrops available. Here are a few images so you can get an idea of what they look like.
There is no charge to schedule an appointment. At FotoFly you only pay if you are satisfied with your session, so you pay $79 for a copyright release CD for your sitting. There is NO sitting fee at FotoFly and your sitting may vary from 20-45 minutes. This week, July 5-9, FotoFly is welcoming all family and friends to the studio by offering $30 off! You can get a disk of your session for $49 THIS WEEK ONLY, schedule now to take advantage of this price! Our grand opening will be held this upcoming Saturday July 10th so if you can’t make it during the week come join us Saturday!
Make sure to follow us on both facebook and twitter to keep updated with studio news and new blog posts. Each week we will be posting a tips and tricks post on the blog which will be everything from clothing ideas to camera tips, as well as new images from the week, so check back every Monday and Friday for new posts.

We look forward to meeting you!

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