FotoFly Santa 2014 Edition

FotoFly_SantaWe have begun our FotoFly Santa program!  It’s very cool how some of the newborns that we photographed in 2011 are walking and talking.  It’s fun watching these kids grow.  I’m excited to see what stories develop this year.  Last year, we had a deployed dad surprise his daughter by being Santa and a new mom announce she was pregnant and a thousand other moments.  Just being around the children as they see Santa is awesome.

This year, we’re including ‘Letters to Santa’ writing desks for the kids to write some letters to Santa while they’re there.

In this post, I want to explain some new concepts/features that we are introducing this year.  I also want to answer the regular questions that you likely will have – especially if this is your first year.  Let’s get started.

  1. How many poses will we get?  We are planning on delivering TWO poses.  We almost always accomplish this.  If your child is having a very hard time or you’re part of a very large group of young children, we may all feel lucky with one.  Again, we almost always are able to create two poses.
  2. How long is each session?  Although the sessions are scheduled ten minutes apart, we do not spend ten minutes on each session.  In fact, if your session ends in five minutes, that’s usually a good sign.  It means that your children are easy and the session went smoothly.  We scheduled them every ten minutes to spread out sessions and allow for some sessions where the children are struggling and we need more time.  Our photographers move quickly but they try very hard to not make you feel rushed.
  3. When do I get to see my pictures?  Instead of making you wait around for 45 minutes to view your images, we are now uploading your images to EASYFOTO.  You will be able to download all of your images the SAME DAY directly to your home computer.  We’ve also made it easy to order inexpensive prints and you can have them delivered directly to your home or pick them up at the studio.
  4. Are the backgrounds different this year?  At Thanksgiving Point, the three backgrounds are the same.  We hope that, with three backgrounds, you can have a different one than you did last year.  We did change one of the floors that didn’t seem popular last year…  We’re hoping that, to give you variety, we can use a different background than we did last year.  The backgrounds at Kaysville are new.
  5. What will the experience be like?  Here’s a summary:
    • You’ll arrive at your appointment time.  Please don’t arrive extremely early or late as it throws off our schedule a bit.
    • We will sign you in.  We will get your email so we can email your link to download your pictures.
    • Someone will help you get dressed in your Santa costume.  Or, if you’re wanting to use our Santa, you’ll likely wait a little until he’s available.
    • There will likely be a few families in the queue ahead of you.
    • You can choose a background that you like or just use the next available one.
    • We’ll spend some time creating some very cool Santa pictures.
    • Someone will help you get undressed and you’ll pay one of our awesome helpers walking around with iPads.
    • Later that day, you’ll receive an email to download your images.
    • You’ll post them to Facebook and likely write something about how smart and talented the owner of FotoFly is.

There are two policies to be aware of:

  1. A Santa must be in the pictures.
  2. If you have a group, we will take pictures of the group.  If you’re wanting individuals of each child, pay for additional, consecutive sessions.  We are offering a discount for every consecutive session after the first one.  This is an important policy as it keeps our schedule from being derailed by a large family asking for individuals of each child within a single session.

Santa is something we prepare a lot for each year.  We take it very seriously and know the importance of these pictures to you and your children.  It’s our goal to create some amazing pictures and some fun memories.  Thank you for trusting us with your Santa pictures!

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