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Do you have children who are on a team?  How do you like your team pictures?  We want to bring FotoFly quality into the world of teams.  Your cheer, dance and sports teams can now have creative, contemporary photography.  We understand that these picture are important.

2015 Murray High Girls BB-13

We’ve made it simple.  For $30, you receive the package below.  With each package sold, we will give $5 back to the team.


Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 9.58.51 PMThe great thing about our process is that, after picture day, the coach or director is not involved!  The customers access their images online, print and receive free shipping to their homes.

4K4A1449Luke has been loyal and awesome for over three years and we’re excited to partner with him and see this new business grow.  To help get this started, we are offering a $100 referral reward to ANYONE who refers a coach or director to Luke.  This is likely a temporary offer.  Check our website at for details.   You’ll find an easy referral form to send us your referral.  To make it even more exciting, we’re giving away another FREE session to one of you who give us a referral before next Friday.2015 Murray High Girls BB-119

Luke’s favorite story came from Jamie Kuntz:  ”It’s not often we thank a guy for shooting our kids.  Luke has done a fabulous job of getting my no-smiles-for-the-camera kid to smile and have fun during a shoot. He was also very creative with my son’s newborn pictures. What impressed me a lot was at my last appointment a few weeks ago.  He was appointed to do our shoot.  However, there was a little boy in another session that was really struggling and didn’t want a female photographer. Luke came out and asked if it would be ok to switch and he would take the boy that was having a hard time and I would get Madison. I was a little bummed because we love working with Luke but I knew the other parent needed some Luke quality pics too.  So we traded. I’m sure that other family got amazing photos and we also got some of the best shots of our child we’ve ever gotten too! How cool is it to have staff that really is out to capture the best moments in life for us that they possibly can, no matter what?! Happy trails Luke! We hope your next adventure is a wonderful one!”Dance Center Practice-1

This is a great story.  Thanks again for everyone who participated.  Luke really was affected by all of the kindness and he wanted me to let you know how much he appreciated it.  He’s going to do great at this next adventure.  Visit our website at to learn more.


In case you missed the coaching video, here it is again…

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