FotoFlyAway in January

Yesterday, we started accepting appointments for FotoFlyAway.  The available appointments will be limited initially as we begin – only a few per day.  We are also scheduling only a few weeks ahead.  These restrictions are to ensure that we are starting this in a controlled, quality-driven way.   We will be opening up the March and April schedule beginning February 1st.

During the month of January, we are going to have an introductory, Winter rate of $100.

Normally, we will be charging $125 for a CD with your images.  We will print sheets for $4.  We feel like this stays with our mission to be affordable for every family and covers the additional expense of photographing sessions at Thanksgiving Point.

Our studio limits on # of people and pets are lifted at FotoFlyAway.  I have to be honest about one thing, I am still concerned about the largest of extended families (20+ people).  It may be that we introduce an upper limit at some point.  I’m excited about photographing pets.  I can’t wait until our first pet-only session.  I hope that I can overcome the natural dislike animals have for me (ask me sometime about my deer, walrus, monkey, or lion story).

The only way to schedule appointments currently is through the website.

We we’re enjoying our partnership with Thanksgiving Point and appreciate all that they have done to make this happen.  We are excited to offer more variety.  Our photographers are also thrilled with this new concept.

I promise that we will deliver outdoors what we have been able to deliver indoors:  unique, fun, stylish – in other words FotoFlyish – photography.  Try us out in January – you will not regret it.  There are many, many great spots that are beautiful for photos.

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