FotoFly Santa

Finally, we are opening up the FotoFly Santa schedule to the public tonight at 7:00.  Last year, we sold out in a few days.  We are better prepared this year and are excited to do this again.  Once again, we are at Thanksgiving Point.

The uniqueness of our Santa pictures is pretty significant:

  • We charge $25 for a FotoFlash drive with any images we create.  As always, you own the copyright and can print with us or anyone else.
  • We schedule appointments to spread out when customers arrive.  This keeps the line very un-mall-like.  Kids + lines = really bad pictures.
  • You will dress up as Santa using one of our many Santa costumes.  We’ll make it easy for you to dress up with some help.
  • There is a real Santa for your kids to meet and get a treat.  He’s also available to step into a picture if you’re not wanting to be Santa.
  • Our photographers are experienced.  There are no seasonal photographers at FotoFly Santa.

Tonight at 7:00, we will open up the schedule.  Go to to learn about what we’re doing and schedule an appointment.  Be sure to read through the FAQ’s as there are some specifics about what we will and won’t do.

We are opening a limited schedule initially but will open more times as it becomes necessary.

These Santa pictures are fun and inexpensive and painless.  In fact, we hope to make it fun for you and especially your children.  The fast pace was challenging last year but there was something magical about what we were doing.  I think it had something to do with the energy and excitement from the kids.  I really am looking forward to this and want to create some legendary experiences and fantastic pictures.

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