FotoFriday: A Shout Out to our Blogging Friends

So, we have been open almost two months and it has been a whirlwind to say the least. We’ve taken some remarkable pictures and gotten into some sticky situations (remember the post about the cake.) Along with our friends and devoted fans, the bloggers have been with us documenting our journey.

We have taken family pictures, maternity pictures and glamour pictures for their blog,. We love spending time with them and they love their pictures! They have even said so publicly without any bribery on our part. More than anything else, it has been SUPER GREAT (that’s a “sara-ism”) to hear about their interests and what inspires their blog whether it be scrapbooking, food or just life. I feel like we are one big blogging family now.

Because we have had so much fun with them, we want to share some of their moments and give a shout out to all of our blogging ladies. “HEY”

Check them out. You’ll be just as impressed as we are, and it can’t hurt for you to read how impressed they are with us, too.

BCD 125 A Page 4 All Seasons

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6 thoughts on “FotoFriday: A Shout Out to our Blogging Friends”

  1. GAH!!! Realizing now I TOTALLY spaced your voicemail about getting you a button. :(
    Sorry.. next time. As soon as I’m done with this wedding show this weekend it’s all yours! :)

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