FotoFriday: It’s the Child

Before I photograph a session, I like to go through the notes about the up-coming appointment so I know what to expect- “get my head in the game” so to speak.  One morning, I knew I was going to take the next session, so I looked over the schedule to see what kind of shoot it would be.  The note read, “Special needs child. Wants some pictures of child with parents and lots of individual pictures of the child.” I let out an audible sigh… of relief! I knew this session would be one of the better ones I photographed that day. While other studios shy away from the opportunity to work with children that reportedly have special needs, we welcome the chance with open arms.

“What if they’re difficult to work with?” some people question. I used to teach language arts to junior high aged kids.  Believe me when I say, that one “difficult” child is far easier than ten insecure teenagers.

“What if the child doesn’t look good in the picture?” others ask.  While I do worry about that with every single adult I take a picture of, I don’t worry about that for a special needs child.  For adults I have to hide this, slim down that, eliminate this, enhance that.  Not with a child (special needs or not).  For a child, I simply need to create a situation that allows what makes him or her beautiful to come out and be ready to snap the picture the moment the child shines.  After all, it’s not the photographer that makes the photo beautiful – It’s the child.

FotoFly was lucky enough to be a part of a special moment where, for the first time, a mother had a professional picture of her three sons taken. Her middle son (seated) has special needs that, prior to coming to FotoFly, had prevented this wonderful moment in the past.

If your child has special needs, and you would love to have his or her picture  professionally taken, please do not hesitate to bring your child to FotoFly. Our studio is well equipped to accommodate every child, and I- along with any other FotoFly photographer- would be thrilled at the opportunity to photograph your child.

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4 thoughts on “FotoFriday: It’s the Child”

  1. I have been looking everywhere for some place to do our family pictures! And I have to say, this post made me so happy! I used to work at a portrait studio and I hated that kids with special needs were considered “hard.” You have a wonderful, sweet, outlook on that, and I LOVE it! I will be bringing my family here for pictures!!!! (And we live in Logan, so I think it will be well worth the trip!)

  2. I don’t know how I missed this blog post! LOVE it! I completely agree! I had a child with special needs a couple months ago (at a less-than-FotoFly studio in Ohio), and my favorite photo was of her WAY too close to the light, not on the background, looking completely angelic (as I caught her attention while she was trying to touch the flash umbrella). It took a long time and a lot of snaps, but we got 3 or 4 gorgeous photos that really let her personality shine through. LOVE your photos, and this post!

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