FotoFriday: LIGHTS, Camera, Action!!

Lighting is one of the most important elements of a picture…other than the photographer of course :)..jk. It can either destroy or create a photograph (I’m talking about lighting again btw). Lighting develops the mood of the picture, allowing it to be interpreted as Happy, Sad, Angry, Excited, Beautiful, and the list goes on. Here at FotoFly we have to constantly test our lighting, change our lighting, and create new lighting. We don’t have stuck lighting stands and fixed set-ups (like every other studio), every time we take a picture it is unique lighting for a new model. (isn’t that just ssoooo personal!!) This is a collection of us photographers testing out lighting techniques on ourselves.

Sometimes our lighting tests go haywire!! Here are some of our most favorite ‘posses’ and ‘faces’ to our various lighting tests. We are just a bundle of crazies!!

Now even though sometimes we are just plain crazy, our results from one simple test makes all the difference. When testing our lighting it permits the perfect style of picture to be taken. Here are just a few of the ‘Before & After’ shots from our lighting test – to our final product.

Aren’t we just awesome!!! Well sorta, our customers are tons better…just look at ‘em! And amazing lighting allows us to capture their Awesomeness.

Leave a comment of your Favorite ‘How many _______ does it take to screw in a light bulb’ joke.

Here’s one of my fav’s:

Q: How many Real Men does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None. Real Men aren’t afraid of the dark

(I cant wait to hear some more!) :)

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