FotoFriday: Paint-tastic

It’s been an eventful week here at FotoFly. Not only did we have tons of appointments but we decided midweek to paint a few of our walls for diversity sake. Because we are pro-painters, Victoria and I were on painting duty Thursday afternoon. After our first coat of paint we all looked at the wall questioning our color decision.

A decision was made and we decided to paint the top part of the wall a different green because it wasn’t a strong enough contrast between the other walls in the room. So we started over with a different green in hopes that it would be a big enough contrast. At this point, painting was getting really messy. Apparently I have slim to no control over where paint flings and the next thing I knew, I was covered in paint. Victoria was only slightly taken over by the paint.

So 5 coats later & 3 different hues of green, we arrived at this…

We have come to love our new green wall. BUT in reality we will probably change it in a month so dont get too attached. ;)

Sara was feeling left out so we assigned her and Victoria to paint our largest wall in the left wing. Unfortunately we were all somewhat confused as to what we were supposed to make it look like. Our instructions were as follows: Make a hot spot, make the edges darker, make it look urban, make it seamlessly match the floor, and finally, make it look good. Hm, ok. The first attempt looked something like this…Awful, right? So with 30 minutes left to finish painting Sara and Victoria started all over. At this point we were all pretty exhausted and ready to have our masterpiece finished. So, 4 coats later with 4 hues of paint we ended up with this…

Black and White? We like it. Color? Yeah, not so much.

Dont worry though, we were informed last Monday at our weekly meeting that we will be changing the wall, AGAIN!

Stay tuned to see the final product. Hopefully it’ll be the last time we will be changing that ginormous wall. Until next time….

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3 thoughts on “FotoFriday: Paint-tastic”

  1. Love the website Eric and the blog is a really fun touch! If I’m ever in SLC again, I’ll swing by and check it out. And btw, I LOVE the way that wall turned out (the textured one) Very cool. :)

    Best of luck with everything. Looks like you are all set up for success!

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