FotoFriday: The “Magic Touch”

Thanks to many weeks of practice with newborns, I have been designated as the photographer with the “magic touch.”

This past week was full of newborn appointments. Thanks to a great teacher (Eric), I have learned the ins and outs of making a baby happy even when they are screaming at the top of their lungs.

During a sitting this week Victoria and I devoted all of our attention to coaxing a baby to sleep in order to get that “perfect” shot.

This particular picture was taken by Eric on his i-phone (and no he doesn’t have the i-phone 4 yet, he’s devastated). As you can see, I’m sitting on the floor with binki, tissue, and bottle in hand. This little tyke was not about to let us pose him while he was awake.

I’m stoked about the vast amount of knowledge I’m gaining. It is a constant learning process but a fun one nonetheless. Woot Woot. Until next time,…Ciao!

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