FotoFriday: There’s Always a 1st

My Friday started off by exploring uncharted territory here in the studio with a session that ended more unusual than most.  First birthdays are sort of a big landmark so we needed to make sure we really caught the experience of the big #1 for this little guy. He started out great. He sat there looking super cute in his little shirt and tie. When the bubble noises and patty cake games ceased to keep his attention we decided it was time to pull out the cake. Every birthday party has to have a cake and this first birthday had to be celebrated by a cake smashing celebration.

It is not often that your parents place an entire cake in front of you that you can do whatever you would like with. I would have gone after the frosting…

…In this situation he was really not a fan of the frosting because the bow was way more exciting. Things started to get messy when we tried to show him what to do…

… and then this happened.

Poor guy. So, off to the bathroom he went to get cleaned up.

As I was walking by the bathroom mom opened the door and I noticed he was perfectly content sitting in the sink with the water running. He was splashing water everywhere and just having a great time. So we grabbed the light and quickly rolled it into the bathroom, which gave us this cute shot :)

We have never shot in the bathroom before, until today. I think it just added to the entire experience and it was fun to document everything right down to the very end. Apparently, sinks are way more fun than cakes. Happy Friday!

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14 thoughts on “FotoFriday: There’s Always a 1st”

  1. It was QUITE the experience but you guys were the best! Big K will be back and hopefully with a happier disposition! :) Thanks again! -Amber

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