FotoU: Tips for More Flattering Posing

Everyone wants to look their best in pictures, right? Did you know there are ways to make people look better in a photograph then they do in person? Here is a list of our top ten tips for more flattering posing.

1. When taking a full length shot, make sure the camera is level with their chest height. You don’t want to be drastically shooting up or down on them unless you’re intentionally doing so.

2. Have them put their weight on their back foot

3. Make sure their hips are turned slightly away from the camera

4. Lean forward slightly at the hips

5. Raise their chin to elongate their neck

6. Stand straight and shoulders back

Just like this:

7. Place their hands and feet. This is especially true for children, otherwise they look out of control.

See how much more posed this second image looks just from simply putting her feet together and placing her hands.

8. If you’re shooting a group, have everyone on the same plane otherwise you will have some people in focus and some out of focus.

9. For closeups, stay at eye level

10. And last but not least, instead of using the wide angle on your lens (24mm) take a few steps back and zoom in (70mm). As you can see with the shot taken at 24mm, there is an obvious distortion of her face and body. The distortion disappeared when I zoomed in and used 70mm.

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