I’m a FotoFly Customer Now…

I started FotoFly two years ago.  In that time, we have photographed thousands of families.  We have photographed families, seniors, engagements, bridals, newborns, babies, toddlers, extended families, and a blanket.

For two years, I’ve watched parents look at their pictures.  I see their eyes light up.  I see them smiling.  I see some tears.  I imagine what it’s like for them and crave seeing that reaction.  It really is the best part of doing this.

Ironically, I have never brought one of my children to the studio and had one of our photographers take pictures of them…until last week.  Last Saturday, my daughter scheduled an appointment at FotoFlyAway.  She has just turned 15 and she’s my youngest.  Michelle was the photographer.I expected the images to be fun and creative and beautiful and amazing.  Michelle is an astonishingly good photographer.  The images capture so many sides of her.  I see her curiosity and courage.  She looks adventurous.  You can tell she’s fun and thoughtful.  You can see her sense of humor and sense of style.  And, of course, she’s beautiful.  Looking at the images, you get a sense of who she is.

My daughter is growing up fast.  Like any father, I am upset at the thought of her leaving me someday.  I love watching her grow up but I would prefer that she stopped.  It makes me happy to see her progress into womanhood but it makes me very sad.  She’s actually sitting across the room and I’m glad she’s focusing on Tetris – she wouldn’t understand why her dad is crying over his computer.

Looking at these pictures, I’m feeling some things that I didn’t expect and I didn’t fully appreciate before.  I am very, very grateful for Michelle and her skill as a photographer.  She probably doesn’t even realize what she’s done for me.  She captured almost every side of my sweet, pure, only daughter the day before she turned 15.  In these pictures, she is frozen in time and I know I’ll spend the rest of my life, every once in a while, looking at these pictures.

The fact is, my daughter will get older.  She will start dating next year.  She will finally kiss a boy.  She’ll go away to college for a while.  Surely, she will find someone and get married and have children of her own.  Her life will have challenges and become more complicated as she gets older.
But, for now, she is with me and is mine.

I have a new appreciation for Michelle’s skill.  In just an hour, she delivered something priceless to me.  She perfectly captured my perfect daughter.  Michelle:  thank you, thank you.

I guess the point I want to make with this is that, finally, I understand how you feel.  I get why you cry.  For the first time, I am a FotoFly customer.

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5 thoughts on “I’m a FotoFly Customer Now…”

  1. Michelle IS amazing!!!!! And your daughter IS beautiful. How fun that you are now a customer =) Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love all the action shots but my favorite has to be the one headshot with her back against the brick wall at the bottom. She is beautiful! Michell’s is do talented!

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