Introducing FotoFlyAway

Almost every day, customers ask four things.

  1. Will you do outdoor photos?
  2. Can you fit large groups?
  3. Will you photograph pets?
  4. How did you get so amazing, yet still be humble?

Up until now, our answers have been:

  1. No we don’t.
  2. Up to 15 people.
  3. Sorry.
  4. It’s an intense regimen of weight lifting, stylish clothes, great hair, practicing the piano, and reading the classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and…that’s the only classic I can think of right now.

This is about to change (except for me being awesome).  For weeks now, we have been meeting with Thanksgiving Point.  We have created a partnership where we will photograph sessions on their property.  They also are providing us some interior space for showing and printing your images.  As with our studio, you will still be able to see your images in a slide show following your session and receive prints immediately.  This is a big deal for us and we literally couldn’t be more excited about it.  It’s as if we just built a multi-acre, multimillion dollar studio!

If you haven’t been to the gardens at Thanksgiving Point, go see it.  I wouldn’t consider myself someone who normally gets amazed at landscaping.  I was amazed at this.  The grand scope and attention to detail are impressive.  It really is a beautiful, peaceful place.  After visiting it the first time, I knew that this was the place where FotoFly should operate.  Needless to say, the grounds are perfect for photography.  There is variety here that we would not be able to recreate anywhere else in Utah.  I have to admit it’s the first time I was tempted to frolic.

We are at the experimental stage of figuring out how to best use the property.  To celebrate our passing 10,000 fans on Facebook, I am offering 10 free sessions for us to experiment with the different aspects of the property.  I’m assuming that there will be a learning curve with this and we will need these sessions to identify what the unexpected challenges are.  So, if you can deal with the unexpected, you should enter this contest.  These sessions will happen in the next 2-3 weeks.  The details of this contest are on our Facebook page.

There will be a price difference between the studio and our outdoor location.  We are setting the price at $125 for a CD with your images.  This is obviously different than our studio price but does not reflect an inherent difference in value. There are simply different costs associated with this.  We are anticipating that there may be some additional time required to move around the property.  We believe that this price keeps with our mission of being affordable for everyone.

We will NOT have a 15 person limit on group pictures.  Also, you will be able to include pets in your family picture!

We will have an additional website, with its own scheduling program.  It is not online yet but I’ll let you know on Facebook when it is.

The falling temperature will naturally limit the number of sessions this Fall and Winter, but we expect to open in earnest in the Spring.

When I opened FotoFly over a year ago, my goal was to focus on one specific type of photography and NOT try to be all things to all people.  This was the right approach in the beginning.  It allowed us to focus and get very good at one thing.  Now, we are ready to expand what we do.  We are able to grow.  Our photography is better than ever and our photographers have been asking for this for a while now.  There is almost nothing as motivational as progressing and these photographers are ready.

We have decided that this will precede our planned studio expansion.  You can expect that we will grow our studio operations next year.  We are planning on first expanding into the adjacent space.  The new space will be a different concept than what we currently have – we’re taking it to another level.  I think offering an outdoor option first is a better move.  Some people prefer inside a studio and some prefer an outdoor session.  Everyone prefers having a choice and variety and we are now able to deliver.

This is exciting for us.  I’ve always felt like we’re either progressing or falling behind.  This is true in business, photography, life, and body building and I am progressing in all of those things.  Yeah, you heard me…

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58 thoughts on “Introducing FotoFlyAway”

  1. THIS IS THE MOST EXCITING NEWS!!! I absolutely love you guys and can’t wait until I can do my family portraits again but with all this new exciting stuff!!! Yay and congrats =]

  2. Wow the pictures will be gorgeous! I have a pass to the Gardens and think it is one of the most beautiful places!!

  3. This is the most awesome news I’ve heard all month!! Can’t wait to get my family pics again with you guys at Thanksgiving Point.

  4. This is awesome Eric! LOVE IT! Really excite to see how your business is growing and being blessed! Look forward to some outdoor pix.

  5. Can’t wait! Thanksgiving Point is one of our most favorite places to spend the day! I think this is so awesome that you can capture our offer family in one of our favorite places. We have a membership and try to visit at least once a week. Love, love, love this idea!

  6. I LOVE this idea… I went to schedule our family pic with you earlier this summer and was completely bummed at the 15 person limit. You can bet we’ll be using this service for sure!!

  7. OOPS. Looks like I mispelled some words, I was sooooo excited. It should say……. I can’t wait to have my family pictures taken outside in the beautiful gardens!

  8. I am so happy I never have to look for a photographer again!!! We move to Utah in June and we had our first session in July, I also have a session sceduled for December. (I think I might be on to something here, scheduling once per season..maybe?) I just love you guys so much and follow you on FB . I am exstatic that you for “foto fly away”. With all of the beautiful backdrops Utah offers, the possibilities are endless!!! I trust only you to capture my beautiful boys presious lil faaces. Thank you xoxo

  9. Wooooooooohoooooooooooo! I cannot think of a better location – this is going to be awesome! And I don’t mean that JUST because it’s 5 minutes from my house. Yay!

  10. This is so exciting! I love feeling like I am apart of companies growing!
    I have no doubt that you guys will do just as amazing in this new venture as you have already in your draper location!
    The Thanksgiving point gardens are just gorgeous and I can’t wait to see the creativity your photographers come up with!


  11. Love the name Foto Fly Away,
    Love that we can really get a full family picture with our dog,
    Love the location
    Love you guys!!
    Congratulations Soooo exciting!!!!

  12. I am so excited for this news! I have had my kids pictures taken in the studio soooo many times, and I love them all, but I’m running out of backgrounds to use. Having an outdoor setting will be great!

  13. OH MY MY MY!!! This is soooo different than I was thinking…I was hoping for somewhere up in my neck of the woods! But hey this is GREAT news! I love those gardens and I can only imagine the beautiful pics of big UTAH families there! I love the whole concept. You will be EXTREAMLY busy this spring!!! What a fun spin off…and I LOVE love LoVe the new NAME!

  14. You know what else I’m excited about? My hubby and I had our engagement pictures done at Thanksgiving Point, and we’re coming up on our ten-year anniversary. How awesome will it be to have family pictures celebrating that ten years in the same spots where we took our engagement pictures? I’m all giddy inside!

  15. It seems like everyone we know uses you guys and the pictures I have seen are so cute!!! We would love an updated family picture at our favorite place. How exciting!!! I will refer everyone I know if you pick us. :)

  16. Congratulations!! I have been Thanksgiving Point and seen some of the gardens they will do amazing pictures. Its just wonderful. Thank you!

  17. WOW! This is must be a dream come true for Foto Fly! Question… Do we still need to pay for the park’s admission? I looked into doing pictures at Thanksgiving Point and it was very pricey, you hit the goldmine with this one! I would love to get portraits done there, my little one doesn’t cope with studio photography very well but I always get the best pictures of her while we’re outside together. Can’t way to see this go live.

    1. Fortunately, you will not need to pay for the park’s admission. It really is a great opportunity and an awesome partnership!

  18. So happy for Fotofly this is an amazing step! I am going to book spring tulip shots ASAP I would love to have this beautiful space photographed as my backdrop for our
    Family. So happy for your continued growth and success…does this mean you will be hiring ;)

  19. This is wonderful! Love your photos but have been wanting to do some family pictures outdoors! YEAH! This is a great move and Thanksgiving Point is a beautiful back drop!

  20. Ah! So excited. We have a hugh extended family and it will be awesome to have the option of taking pictures with all of us especially at Thanksgiving Pointe.

  21. How soon is this about to change? My family has a few sessions scheduled for December! We would love an outdoor photo of our extended family at Thanksgiving Point. Will that option be available that early?

  22. I love the simplicity of your business model! Being great at one thing and expanding when you are ready for the next challenge. My best wishes to all the the fotofly team!

  23. This is so awesome and I love the idea! The best part about it is that Thanksgiving Point has always charged a photographer to take pictures there and when you are already paying a ton for a photographer, the last thing you want to do is pay a fee to use the space. With the price you listed, that is very much affordable! I look forward to doing all my family photos with you guys! Thank you!!!!!

  24. This is amazing. I love the idea. Once again Fotofly has outdone yourselves. Eric you are a visionary! I’m happy that my family gets to enjoy your creative genius.

  25. I am so beyond excited for FotoFly! This is a whole new level and it will be amazing to have outdoor pictures taken. I have asked several times now if you would be doing outdoor pics and allowing pets- now we will get the BEST of both worlds and still have those amazing pictures that ONLY FOTOFLY can take! Ahhhhh I want to scream with excitement– WHOO way to go FOTOFLY!

  26. This is awesome news. I live right by there and your pictures are so beautiful. The scenery at thanksgiving point will so enhance the pictures. I can’t wait to sign up for a session

  27. I am so so thrilled that fotofly is growing! with such a fun company and the best people its about time!! i love you guys and cant wait to have our family pictures taken soon!!

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