It Takes a Team

What makes FotoFly….FotoFly?  It’s not the cool facility.  It’s not the great equipment.  It’s not the price.  It is the team.

Not many people know this – but I interviewed 300+ applicants when hiring the photographers for this first studio.  I had a very specific person that I was looking for.  This person had to have a natural affection for children.  They needed to be smart and learn quickly.  Physical coordination was a must.  They had to be comfortable making silly noises.  I needed to see enthusiasm, excitement, and energy.  They had to laugh at my jokes.  In other words, they had to be the complete package.  I interviewed people for weeks.  Those that were hired were interviewed up to four times.  I wasn’t going to settle.

Before we moved into the studio.  We trained at my house for four weeks.  We set up a studio in my basement and practiced and practiced.  We needed to build our skill – we also need to build a team.

I think the best teams are built around a struggle.  When you are shoulder to shoulder with someone, in a struggle to create something, you grow together.  When the odds are against you (think 2-week-old and a toddler in the same picture) and you’re able to succeed only as a team, you grow together.  When you need help and there’s someone there in that very moment, you grow together.

Working at FotoFly is not always easy.  In fact, it’s almost always difficult.  Every session presents its own challenges.  Sometimes it’s a toddler that won’t stay in place.  Other times, it’s an infant that only wants to cry.  It may be a ten-year-old that has practiced his smile so much that now it’s fake.  Or, it’s ten cousins under seven years old.  Every session requires a lot of effort.  I cannot pay them enough for what it requires to be good at this – they have to voluntarily give it because they want to.  I can safely say that our photographers have given everything they have to every session.  They are not holding anything back.

We’ve each learned a lot since those weeks in the basement.  Our photography is amazing and, amazingly, we keep getting better every month.  We love what we’re doing and who we’re working with.  Daniel, Rachel, Victoria, Danielle, and Sara have become the most skilled children’s photographers that I have ever worked with – and I’ve worked with many.  Also, the unsung heroes of FotoFly are Alisha and Courtney.  They are our Artists and they are the face of FotoFly and we couldn’t do any of it without them.  They are tireless and the studio would screech to a halt without them.

What I’m saying is that I have wonderful people working here at FotoFly.  Each one of them brings something different to our studio.  As individuals, they are impressive.  As a team, they are legendary!  This purpose of this post is to give you some insight into how we work as a team.  So, here’s some ‘behind the scenes’ images that illustrate how we must work together to deliver the portraits we do everyday.  In each image, you’re seeing an example of one photographer helping another to get the shot.  Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “It Takes a Team”

  1. i can’t wait to schedule my first session with you guys. it looks like a great environment, and you can tell your employees love doing what they do.

  2. Just had my photos taken today and I must say, that YES, you do have the best team! I was so impressed with my photos and the whole session. The photographer was AMAZING with my three week old. (Wierd noises and all) ;) Thank you!!! We will be back!

  3. I have agree with all said here, the team is great and I so grateful to had found this place, the pictures we got turned so beautiful, especially my daughter’s, It was kind of difficult to get her pictures, she is just 5 months old, but I am so impressed of how skilled and patient Danielle was. She is the best :) Kudos to her :)

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