Jimmy’s SHOCKING Review of Fifty Shades of Gray

jimmy 2

You won’t believe my unbelievable interview with ‘Jimmy.’  (His name has been changed to protect his reputation)  It took a completely unexpected turn that I never would have imagined!  Here’s the interview:

Me:  ”Hey Jimmy.  How’s it going?”

Jimmy:  ”Okay I guess.  Why are you being nice to me?  Do you need something?”

Me:  ”No.  Actually yes.  I need one of you to wash my car but we can talk about that later.  I wanted to ask your opinion of Fifty Shades of Gray.”

Jimmy:  ”Is there really that many?  I only use about five.”

Me:  ”No.  The movie.  What do you think about it?  I hear it’s pretty controversial.”

Jimmy:  ”Never heard of it.”

Me:  ”It was also a book.  It’s about a guy and a girl and it has weird stuff in it.  I actually don’t know much about it but it is controversial.”

Jimmy:  ”I don’t read books.  I work a lot of hours.  You should know that.  Also, I’d like to talk about getting a raise.”

Me:  ”Uh.  So.  What else is going on?”

Jimmy:  ”We’re getting ready for our new studio going up in Kaysville.  You should know that.”

Me:  ”Watch that insubordinate tone.”

Jimmy:  ”Sorry sir.”

Me:  ”I told you to call me Captain.”

Jimmy:  ”Will do captain.”

Me:  ”Don’t let it happen again.  You know I have self-esteem issues.”

Jimmy:  ”Can we stop talking now?  I have a lot to do.  This new studio is a lot of work to set up.  It’s going to be a completely different concept than our Draper studio!”

Me:  ”It sounds awesome!  I’m sure I’ll get more details later.”

Jimmy:  ”Why are you acting like you don’t know what’s happening with the new studio?”

Me:  ”It’s so I can build suspense throughout the week.  And watch that tone.”

Jimmy:  ”Yes captain.”

Me:  ”Okay then.  Don’t forget about my car.”

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard!  It was shocking how Jimmy thought he should get a raise.  It was unbelievable!

jimmy 3

As I thought about it more, I thought I should be more giving.  So, I’m giving a free session to one of you for the NEW studio.  Enter by commenting to the Facebook post connected to this blog.  Just finish the sentence:  “I couldn’t believe it when…”  Hopefully, this will be a fun one.  We’ll pick our favorites tomorrow and announce another opportunity to win.

The artificial drama created by catchy headlines will continue throughout the week…

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