School pictures are not very good.

My father was the Scott Adams in Scott Adams photography and probably took many of your school pictures.  Twenty years ago, I became one of his school photographers.  I liked it.  I thought it was fun and rewarding.  One day, I was rushing through my long line of students and feeling cool about how fast I was.  He came up behind me and said, “How many students have you photographed today?”  I answered proudly, “Almost three hundred!”  He pulled me aside and said, “To you, you’ve photographed three hundred.  But, to this child, he is the ONLY person you’ll photograph all day.  Put yourself in his shoes when you take his picture.”  After that conversation, I don’t think I have ever taken someone’s picture without thinking about what it was like from his or her perspective.

My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all were school photographers – so I had something to live up to.  I was good.  I straightened hair and clothes.  I tried to be funny so I would get a real smile.  I made sure the lighting was perfect and consistent.

My father believed that EVERYONE deserved a good school picture.  Back then, we charged around ten dollars for a picture package.  Everyone could afford it and almost everyone bought a package.

Times have changed.  Prices have tripled.  Quality is poor.  School photographers appear largely untrained.  Picture packages are pre-set and manipulative.  If you have a few kids in school, you can easily spend over $100.

We offer a better way.  For $79, you can get all of your children photographed together and separately. You’ll get a variety of poses, expressions, lighting, and backgrounds.  We will work hard to capture all sides of your child’s personality.  We will spend 45 minutes with your children, not 45 seconds.  If your goal is to capture what your child is like every year – there’s no comparison.  If you need further convincing, we’re offering a free 11×14 if you come before the end of August.  Print this coupon and bring it with you. You have a little over a week to get their hair cut and some outfits bought.  It’s doable.  We have appointments available – I hope we see you.  :)  Go to and click on ‘SCHEDULE.’  Or, just call us at 801-727-FOTO.

Sidenote:  There is a school photographer that is doing a good job.  The company is Capture Studio (  They have a similar approach to ours by focusing on the electronic image and allowing you to create your own package.  If we didn’t exist, they are who I would want taking my child’s school pictures.  They are the best in the state.  If your school uses some other national company, speak with your PTA President or Principal about why you should change.

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