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This time of year is usually our slowest time at FotoFly.  As I mentioned on Facebook, August was our 2nd biggest month so far in 2013 and our 4th best month ever.  Thank you, thank you.  I’d like to keep that trend going in September by offering an incentive for referring people to FotoFly.

This will be a similar program to that we did last Summer:

  • For each person you refer, you’ll receive $10 credit with us.  No limit.  Valid through the end of next year – EXCEPT during the months of November and December.
  • The person you refer must be a new customer and will receive 3 free sheets with their CD if they bring in the coupon below.
  • This will be for sessions that happen starting Thursday (9/12) through the end of September.
  • The TWO people who refer the most will receive a free session at any location.  FotoFly, FotoFlyAway, or FotoFly OnTheSpot.  With less than three weeks until the end of the month, I predict the winners will be 3-4 range…
  • I do realize that anyone reading this post has likely referred people to us in the past.  If you have referred people in the past and you have a session between now and the end of the month, simply tell us that you’ve referred people and I’ll give you three free sheets as a thank you.  In the unlikely event that you haven’t been here before, were referred by someone, AND have also referred others, you cannot combine the three sheet offers…

Just to help, here’s some talking points to help you refer people:

  • “Wow!  You look so tan since it’s Summer.  You should probably get pictures taken.”
  • “Have you ever heard the term win-win?”
  • “You know how you always say that my family is better looking than yours?  Here’s something that might help you…”
  • “I was just noticing that family picture on your wall with your daughter.  Since you now have two more daughters and a son, it might be time…”
  • “Remember how you’ve never measured up to your in-laws?  What if you sent Christmas pictures out in October?”
  • “Your kids are so cute right now but that awkward age could happen anytime…”

I’ve already (a few blog posts ago) offered a free 11×14 coupon if anyone has their FAMILY picture done this month.  With the free 11×14 for families, 3 free sheets, $10 credit for the person who refers and the proximity to Christmas, this is a good month for family pictures.  So, if you think about it, it really does make sense to visit us in September since your kids are so cute right now but that awkward age could happen anytime.  And you look tan.

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