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Last year, beginning in November, we began our list.  This was a list you did not want to be on.  It was filled with those who felt uneasiness and worry.  It started innocently at first.  It started on paper.  But…that list became unwieldy and we actually had to create a database.  In this database, we listed people’s preferred times and deadlines.  We were able to get many off of the list, but some were disappointed.  Who were these people and what was this list?  This was our infamous ‘wait list.’  These were customers who wanted to get into FotoFly during November or December when we didn’t have any open appointments.  The ‘list’ got to be over 80 people long and was not a pleasant experience.

We hated telling people that, even though their family was in town for a few days, we did not have any appointments.  It was horrible telling a new mom that we would try very hard to get them in but couldn’t guarantee when it would be.  We heard stories of planned Christmas cards or gifts.  We turned away many people last year.  Those phone calls were the worst.

If every appointment were available during November and December and each fan wanted to come in, we would be able to help 10% of you.  That means nine out of ten of you would be disappointed.  This year will be even more challenging than last year.  Last year, we had only been open a few months.  Our customer base is much bigger now.

So, to help this situation, I would like to entice and encourage you to schedule an appointment before the crush of the Christmas season.  I am offering a free 11×14 to all customers who VISIT US in September.  This is good for those who schedule now or have an appointment already.  We charge $20 for an 11×14 normally – so, you’re getting a nice Christmas gift for someone for free.

I’m hoping that this post doesn’t backfire andI’ve created a rush to schedule an appointment during December.  If you can, VISIT US this month.  You’ll have one less thing to do between Thanksgiving and the end of the year!

When people talk about their ‘Christmas list,’ it is usually a positive thing.  It’s a list of things that they wish for.  Our Christmas list has nothing positive about it.  It represents frustration and anxiety.  This year, we want to serve every single family that wants to come to FotoFly.  This is hopefully a step in the right direction.  I appreciate anyone who can visit us early – you’ll open a spot up for someone who cannot.

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3 thoughts on “Stay Off the List”

  1. So does this mean my son who is coming in in october for his 2 year/family photo qualifies for this or is it just those who schedule for november and december?

  2. Yeah Angie – this is a promotion to motivate people to visit us in September – rather than wait until we are going to be amazingly busy. We’ll be happy to see you anytime though!

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