This video includes dogs, french kissing, rejection and a little spirituality.

There are currently 2,535,872 videos of puppies on the internet according to a study that I made up.  Everyone loves puppies.  Fact.  Here’s one more that has cuteness, unrequited love and religion – the trifecta of good puppy videos:

These two dogs are our eight year old Louie and our three month old Elly.  They are both toy poodles.  What kind of man owns toy poodles?  Someone who is very secure in his masculinity – that’s who.  Why are you smirking like that?  Do you want to take this outside??  He’s a very manly toy poodle.  He can jump really high when you’re holding a treat:

We love our dogs.  Louie is a member of the family.  Elly is questionable until she gets potty-trained and stops biting my nose.  Although it’s kinda funny to see her wagging her tail guilt-free after pooping in the kitchen.  She hasn’t developed shame yet.  We’re working on making her feel more shameful.  She also doesn’t have a good sense of respecting personal space.  This is what I’m dealing with as I write this:Elly-1

The good news for pet lovers is that we are photographing pets at our Kaysville studio!  It just makes sense that a ‘home’ studio would allow pets.  You may even see Louie and Elly there.  If you see Elly, don’t get your nose close to her.  She’ll start with licking but that’s just a ruse.

Pets vector icons - cats and dogs

To schedule a session at FotoFly Home, simply click HERE.  If you have a session before March 15th, we’re charging $99 instead of $125.  We were doing practice sessions today and we’re doing some amazing work.  I’ll post some tomorrow.

To enter this contest, post a picture/video of your pet on the Facebook post that led you here.  I’ll choose my favorite tomorrow night using this criteria:  I’m not really sure but I’ll know it when I see it.

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