This year, get the anti-school picture.

Over the past year, I’ve spoken to many, many parents who are done paying for school pictures.  They’ve paid $30-40 (per child) for pictures that they don’t really like.  I’ve heard complaints about fake/no smiles, off-center cropping, no attention to detail, etc.  They feel manipulated into buying larger packages simply because they want an 8×10.  They consider many of the sizes useless.  (What is a ‘mini’ anyway and how is it used?  Earrings?  Dollhouse?)  It seems the paper is cheap and the image foggy.  Basically, it’s something that parents feel obligated to buy but don’t hang on a wall, send out to people, or use in any way.

We’re offering a better option for school pictures.  For $79, you can include all of your children in the same session.  You will receive whatever combinations of them together and apart that you want.  We will spend 45 minutes with you – not 45 seconds.  Your pictures will be creative and fun and good.  In every way, our pictures will be superior to what you are overpaying for at school.  You could say we have a superiority complex.

Begin the tradition now of coming to FotoFly for your school pictures.  We will capture their personality and how they are growing each year much better than what you’ll get at school.  It’s not even close.  To sweeten the deal, with the CD, we will give you two free sheets if you visit before August 15th. We are the Robin Hood of photography…

*Note:  there is one school photographer in the valley that is different.  The company name is Capture Studio (  This year they are doing a handful of schools.  What makes them different is that they, like us, are focused on the electronic image.  They charge $18 for the CD and you pay <$2 per sheet and you select the sizes you want! The owner is a good friend of mine and I am helping him train his photographers to make the school pictures as good as they can possibly be.  If you’re lucky enough to have them at your school – good for you.  If you are stuck with another photographer, talk to your principal or PTA about switching.

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3 thoughts on “This year, get the anti-school picture.”

  1. I HATE school pictures! I rebelled last year and didn’t get them, opting instead to take creative pics myself. Even though I loved the pics I took, I still felt somehow naughty for not buying school pictures. Don’t ask me why — I’m just a guilt sponge. But Fotofly pics would be 1000x better!

  2. I agree with this posting about School pictures. The school vendors make soo much money it’s ridiculous! If you have more then 2 kids in school, it’s a rip off. Good for you!!

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