Top Ten Reasons to Attend FotoFly Academy


Are you wanting to be a photographer?  If you’re new to photography or wanting to dramatically improve your current skills, FotoFly Academy is the quickest, most thorough, most inexpensive way to be a world-class photographer.  Here are my ten reasons for attending (a FREE CAMERA may be involved):

#10:  Being FotoFly Certified sets you apart from the other 1,000 photographers trying to make it.  There are many, many, many photographers!  At last count, there are 786 photographers advertising on KSL.  Being FotoFly Certified helps you be noticed and gives you credibility as a photographer who has been professionally trained and tested.  Currently, there is no photography ‘certification’ that the public trusts or is even aware of.  FotoFly is going to change that.  It is our vision that ‘FotoFly Certified’ will be the key words that customers look for. group

#9:  It’s not necessary to go to college for four years.  I support getting an education and would not tell a young person to skip college – with one exception.  If your goal is to be a professional portrait photographer, I would encourage you to take a close look at what we’ll teach you compared with what you’ll learn at college.  I’ve hired many aspiring photographers who have 4-year photography degrees.  They have a lot of technical knowledge but little practical knowledge and less actual skill.  They also know something about European history.  For 22 years, I’ve been creating photographers – I know what needs to be taught and how people develop.Utah Colleges

#8:  Workshops and community college classes aren’t complete.  Over my career, I’ve been to weeklong workshops where I’ve spent $2,000, daylong workshops for $300 and free workshops.  There are good nuggets of information in each of these classes but they fall short in providing the full picture of what you need to be a successful photographer.  At FotoFly Academy, you’ll understand how each principle interrelates and there won’t be any gaps in your knowledge and skills.  Taking these classes is like getting pieces of a puzzle but not knowing how they interact and not seeing the big picture.workshops

#7:  You’ll have the opportunity to partner with FotoFly as a freelancer.  We’ll actively direct customers to you.  An example of a FotoFly Freelancer is Michelle Taylor.  She partnered with us and we helped her create Maylily Photography.  We will help you build a clientele until you are good on your own.  freelancer

#6:  The class schedule is workable around a job or family.  We offer one class Mon/Wed/Fri 10:00-2:00 and another class Tue (5-9), Wed (5-9), and Sat (10:00-2:00).  We believe that one class will work for many students’ schedules and still allow them to come after work or be here during the day when their children are at school.  Everyone in our last class was either working or a stay-at-home mom.Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 4.45.50 PM

#5:  You would like help from FotoFly to start your own business.  For our graduates, we help them understand the basics of beginning a business and actually help them start.  After our first semester, some students have decided to work for FotoFly.  Others have decided to open their own businesses.  Graduates know how to market themselves and create an online presence with their website, online scheduling, online printing and social media.  We will help guide you through the beginning.  The help and training doesn’t stop when classes do.students logos

#4:  Our small classes (<5 students) offer personalized, in-person coaching.  You are not a part of a large class where you simply listen.  Most of our time is on our feet, working with live models to create amazing pictures.  There is a mountain of technique that cannot be learned online – you need someone, in person, saying “Don’t do it that way, do it this way.  Good job!”  I would have a very difficult time training someone start-to-finish online and don’t believe in it.  It’s like training a doctor online…

Last Fall, I attended a weeklong workshop with 25 other participants.  The group was too big to learn.
Last Fall, I attended a weeklong workshop with 25 other participants. The group was too big to learn.

#3:  A $25,000 PER YEAR technical school isn’t necessary.  To be a portrait photographer, you must understand light, composition, posing, expression, using your equipment and thoroughly understanding the business side of photography – we will teach you.  You will learn everything you need to know and we won’t teach you anything unnecessary.  You don’t need to take on $75,000+ worth of debt to become a professional photographer.  Really, you don’t.Expensive Education concept

#2:  Teaching yourself through trial and error is a hard road that might be heading in the wrong direction.  I believe this is why many photographers post bad pictures online.  They don’t know what bad is.  If you’re attempting to learn on your own, you may head down the wrong road and create bad habits that limit you.  I can be your guide.   I’m giving you the knowledge that I’ve learned over my career.  Building your skill will take time, but you will be on the right path and will see your mistakes when you make them.Depositphotos_54689481_s

#1:  Eric is teaching.  I have trained hundreds of photographers over 22 years.  I have two talents.  One is taking great pictures and the other is training others to take great pictures.  My third talent is baking cinnamon rolls.  My family has been in this business for almost 100 years.  I am a fourth generation photographer.  I understand the photography business and how to start and grow a new business.  I helped my father build his photography company into a nationwide company.  I started FotoFly  four years ago and is now the single busiest studio in America.  Over 14,000 families chose FotoFly as their studio in 2014.  I understand the photography style that the public wants and know how to create it.  I can teach you my technique.  My partner and wife, Marci, is the operational genius behind FotoFly and makes it possible for me to do what I love.Eric & Marci-1

One more thing…if you sign up for the upcoming Winter semester, we’ll give you a FREE Canon 6d camera body on your first day of class.810ofEfVQbL._SL1500_

You will learn everything you need to be a photographer.  You won’t learn anything that isn’t necessary and everything that is.  We know you won’t regret attending FotoFly Academy.

To learn more and register, click HERE.  We begin class again in February.  I hope we see you!


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