Tulip Bunnies 2015


Last year, we created Tulip Bunnies to offer a cool, unique option for simple Easter pictures that wasn’t this:

Evil Bunny

Once again we’re fencing off an area of their tulip garden and bringing in bunnies.  The natural, springtime, colorful environment, and the bunnies look cool!

Screen Shot 2014-03-01 at 8.56.47 PM

These will be similar to Santa sessions in concept and length.  Tulip Bunnies sessions are NOT regular sessions.  Basically, we’ll be going for two good poses or ten minutes – whichever comes first.  These are going to happen April 13th-25th.bunny-example-3

We’re changing the deal this year.  If you visit the studio between now and the end of February for a regular session, you will be able to get a Tulip Bunnies session for $20.  We are only doing this for two weeks – we’ll have a limited number of sessions.  Blue bunny tracks for Easter eggs hunt

This is how it will work.  Come in for a regular session before February 28th.  At that time, you’ll choose an appointment for your Tulip Bunnies session.  You’ll pay the $20 for your Bunnies session at that time.  Again, we will have two weeks open the last half of April.  Morning times, evening times, and Saturday appointments will be available.  The appointment times will be first come/first served.Bunnies calendar

Here are what I think will be FAQ’s:

  • Can I just pay for a Tulip Bunnies session?  No.  The way to get a Tulip Bunnies session is to visit us for a regular session before February 28th and pay $20.
  • What if there aren’t any times left that work for me?  Because of the nature of this, we’re limited in how long we can offer it.  If no times work out with your schedule, you’ll miss out on the Tulip Bunnies session.  The total number of appointments will be adequate to schedule everyone who visits the studio.
  • Can we do family pictures at a Tulip Bunnies session?  Yes.  The policies are identical to Santa where you can do group pictures of your family.
  • Will you do group pictures and individuals?  No – unless you had several regular sessions.  We will not have time to do groups and individuals of each family in these sessions.  Again, it will by like Santa in this way.
  • What if the weather doesn’t cooperate?  We’ll have backup times each week.  We will reschedule you.
  • How will I see my images from my Tulip Bunnies? As we did at Santa, you’ll receive a card with your session number and be able to download your images later that day.
  • How many bunnies will you have?  We’re not exactly sure.  We want it to look like the kids are playing with bunnies in tulips.  However many accomplishes that.
  • Can I just call ahead and schedule a Tulip Bunnies session as soon as I schedule my regular appointment?  This is tricky…  I think it’s going to get complicated if we let people schedule Tulip Bunnies sessions at various points in the process.  For now, we’re going to schedule your Tulip Bunnies session at the time of your regular session.  Again, you’ll pay just $20.

We are hoping that you will love this and it will become a new tradition for you and your children.  If you have questions, please email christie@fotofly.com or call the studio at 801-727-3686.  To schedule your regular session at the studio, click the link below. Blue bunny tracks for Easter eggs hunt


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