We will PAY YOU for referring someone that we hire.

As we expand, our primary challenge is finding and training additional photographers.  The struggle is that we have a very, very, very specific type of person that we are looking for.  To be a successful FotoFly photographer, you must be energetic, patient, sincere, athletic, coordinated, outgoing, funny, creative, intelligent, dependable, flexible, and AWESOME.  Because of our hiring standards, we must interview literally hundreds of people to find a few.  One other thing, you must laugh at every joke or witty remark I make.

Daniel has been with us since we have opened and is a photographic genius!

We’ve been running ads in various places and have seen some success. I’ve decided that YOU may be our solution to finding the right people.  Many of you have been to the studio and have experienced firsthand what our photographers are like and have an idea about what is expected to be successful.  We believe that there is some of you out there that are reading this and know someone who is a likely match for our studio.  We want you to ask them to apply.  If we hire the person you’ve referred, I’ll give you a FREE SESSION to either FotoFlyAway or FotoFly!

Mike has been with us for one year now. When he was interviewed, he told us he would have the manager job in 6 months....it took him 8.

Here are some other specifics about who we are looking for:  A possible new hire for us must be willing to work 40+ hours per week.  This person must not have restrictions to his/her schedule.  For example, we will not consider someone who is in school where we must work around their class schedule.  We are not interested in those who are wanting a Summer job or view this as temporary in any way.  We hire those who are wanting to make this a career.

Kamp is the only photographer who we hired after a single interview. We just knew that she was perfect for this job. We were right.

Past experience as a photographer is not a requirement.  We will teach you everything you need to know.  We will spend about $4000 training you. Just like anything worthwhile, the training is difficult.

Our photographers are making $16-$18 per hour. However, it will take several weeks to get there.  Initially, during the training, a new photographer makes $10 per hour.  Once the photographer is fully trained, he/she will make $12 per hour.  Once the photographer is no longer supervised in each session, that new photographer will make tips on top of the hourly pay which amounts t0 an additional $4-6 per hour.  This entire training process usually lasts 8 weeks.

Michelle is unbelievably talented. Seriously. She was born to do this. She is a true artist.

Please give this some thought and consider anyone that you know who may be a good fit for us.  Ask that person, if he/she is interested, to email melinda@fotofly.com with a paragraph about why they think they would be a good fit for the job. Don’t refer someone you don’t believe in – we will give you a hard time next time we see you if you do….

Tia is perfect. Seriously. Have you ever met someone with no guile? She's that.

Again, if we hire the person you refer, I’m giving you a free session.  We would like to interview and hire within the next week to don’t delay if you know someone!

Thanks for you help.  I feel confident that some of you know someone who would be a perfect fit for us.  :)

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