We’re Raising our Price to $88 on February 1st.

It’s time.  We have been open since July of 2010 with the same price of $79.  Back then, I wanted to offer our service at the absolute lowest possible price and still have a viable business.  I think $79 was the right price.  The lowness of the price was almost shocking to some.  It helped us get the word spread about our business.  Delivering the quality that we were for only $79 was legendary and people talked about it.

Some believe that I am surrounded by piles of money.  I’m not.  Since we’ve charged so little, paid our employees so much (we pay our people double what many studios pay), printed with only the most expensive paper and ink, used the best equipment, etc….the piles of money don’t exist.

We want to expand and grow our company.  We hear those who ask us to build another studio in Davis County or in other states.  We believe that EVERY family deserves a local FotoFly.  To grow, we must have some capital to do that.  Slightly raising our prices will hopefully give us that.

I love how I see customers from all income levels.  We see customers pull up in their Porsche and some in their Pinto.  But there is no difference in their children and every one of them deserves to feel beautiful and important and have amazing portraits.  So, we will never raise our prices beyond what the typical young family can afford.  This new price is approaching that limit.  As our waiting list grows, the answer for us will NOT be to raise prices – but to build MORE studios.

I hope you will continue to support our business and feel like you’re getting a lot of value for what you are paying.  We will try very hard to make sure every session is magical.

For those who know that they are going to be coming to FotoFly in the future and have the money now, we are offering gift certificates that don’t expire for $79.  There is no limit on how many you may purchase.  You buy them by clicking the ‘Buy Now’ button on our website homepage.

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