What to Expect at Tulip Bunnies?


We love trying new things.  Tulip Bunnies is a new thing.  We’ve done some trial runs with the bunnies and are feeling comfortable with them.  They don’t seem to like us very much – it might be because of the chasing…  It will help us all is if we communicate clearly with you about what’s going to happen.  Please read the following carefully so there aren’t any misunderstandingsBunny Example 6

  • We’ve scheduled sessions ten minutes apart to spread out customers throughout the day and minimize any waiting.  Hopefully, we will be right on time.  As always, working with children isn’t an exact science.  Please view your scheduled time as a way for us to spread out customers – not an exact appointment.  It’s not like a dinner reservation or movie time where we are frustrated if it doesn’t start on time.  We really believe we have spaced it well.
  • Our goal is to create two different poses for you with the bunnies.  It may be that these two poses literally take two minutes because your children are easy to work with.  That’s great and we will give high fives all around and move on to the next session.  The plan is to NOT keep shooting until ten minutes have passed – the goal is to get TWO poses.  We’re trying to deliver unparalleled quality at a price that is…FREE.
  • bunny example 1Every day is booked solid.  In fact, we had to extend to three weeks instead of two!  As always, we are expecting to deliver amazing pictures.  However, please remember that these are free sessions and we don’t have a method for retakes.  If your child has a meltdown and we can’t get images, it is going to be a big challenge to simply reschedule.
  • Check in at our counter at the Southwest corner of the Emporium.  The Emporium is adjacent to the big water tower at Thanksgiving Point.  You’ll be given a number card.  We have a number counter that will be displayed through the window at the Emporium so you can know exactly what number we are on at all times.Bunny example 4
  • Bunnies are crazy.  The big ones HATE to be picked up.  The baby ones are okay with it.  If your kids are holding a bunny, it will likely be a baby one.  They don’t seem to bite but they do kick when picked up.  They do have nails and they scratch.  Please know that there’s a chance that a bunny may scratch your child if you want your child to hold one for the picture.
  • We are hoping for perfect weather over the next three weeks.  We will have a make-up day or two at the end of the three weeks if needed for the rescheduling of rained-out sessions.  Again, every day is completely booked and we will likely not be able to reschedule rained-out sessions the FOLLOWING DAY.bunny example 3
  • After your session, we will edit the images.  You’ll likely wait 30 minutes to see your images.  We edit them quicker than that – but it’s also a matter of running the cards around, transferring images to the server, bringing them up on the sales station, etc.
  • You’ll receive a FREE CD with your images.  We are offering five sheets for $20.  We will begin printing your pictures immediately after view your images.Tulip Bunnies sign small
  • Tulips are a little unpredictable.  We are going to have to move around a little throughout the three weeks.  Basically, chasing the tulips.  They plant different kinds that bloom at different times.  So, the colors will vary throughout the three weeks.  Also, we are limited by the laws of nature on when and IF they bloom.  Hopefully, we have beautiful tulips throughout the three weeks, but I suppose there’s a chance that a freak winter storm or ravaging deer might destroy the tulips and we’ll resort to just ‘Flower Bunnies…’

We think we’ve anticipated the challenges with doing this and hope that it all happens without a hitch.  We’ve been practicing and learning about bunny psychology and how to not kill them.  The challenge, when doing something new, is that there’s a learning curve and you don’t always anticipate what’s going to happen.  Please be patient with us throughout but especially the first couple of days.  One thing I can promise, we will do better than what else you can get elsewhere.  For example, Luke was out shopping with his two girls and was given a free Easter Bunny picture:1506587_10154053018525533_6777626421467796173_n

We’re really excited to do this and look forward to creating some awesome images for your family.  We really did laugh the entire time we were doing practice sessions – between seeing the kids’ reactions and corralling rabbits, it was hilarious.  We hope you’ll enjoy the process and the pictures.  If you have any questions at all, please email us at contactus@fotoflyaway.com.

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