Who Is Your Valentine?

Do you have a husband or wife?  This person is your partner in life and the person you trust the most.  He or she knows the good and the bad about you and loves you anyway.  You’ve experienced  challenges with this person by your side.  You married this person when you were young and, hopefully, will say goodbye when you’re  old.  It’s the most important relationship you will ever have.  It’s more important than the one with your parents, friends, and children.

regular couple

Isn’t it strange that many of us have very few, if any, professional portraits done with our spouse.  Many couples haven’t had them done since their marriage!  Until recently, I was part of that group.  Why is that?  Why don’t we?  Is it that we don’t like the way we look? Is it that we feel silly?  Are we self conscious?  Do we think that a family picture is good enough?


This is a sorry situation.  How would it help us to have a portrait of us as a couple on our phone or on our dresser or in our office?  What a great reminder of who is the most important person in our life!  I think it might help with our perspective.   Another thing:  How are we going to feel when we are, once again, alone with our spouse and we don’t have pictures of each other throughout the stages of our lives?  I predict that the pictures of the two of us will mean more than anything.  We will want more of them.  We won’t care if our hair wasn’t perfect or we had extra weight.  We will just want them.

Marci and I

Marci and I

In December, my wife and I had our pictures done.  It is my Facebook profile picture, my LinkedIn profile picture, it’s on my phone.  It comes up when my wife calls.  I love that picture!  It reminds me that we are a ‘we.’


I think we sometimes feel like we are coworkers and caretakers as parents.  I’ve felt parents’ reactions as we suggest a couple’s picture during a session and I’ve felt bad as many couples decline.  It’s almost as if we feel, “Why would I get a picture with my coworker?”  Well, our spouse is not our coworker and maybe a portrait will serve as a reminder.


To help you this year, we’re going to give you something.  This is for couples who have at least ONE pose of their session be of them as a couple.  It’s not a discount or free prints – but something that goes with the theme Valentine’s Day.  We’re giving away two $5 yogurts at U-Swirl from February 1st until Valentine’s Day.  U-Swirl is in the same shopping center as FotoFly and you can get your yogurt right after your session or as part of a date night (which is also a good idea while we’re on the topic).  We hope that the free yogurt will be enough encouragement to get here and bring your spouse.


I think Valentine’s Day is typically about ‘new love.’  Personally, I think that ‘old love’ is the best.  It’s built over a lifetime of serving someone.  I’ll never forget seeing a very old couple saying goodbye to each other at the airport. They hugged for minutes.  They just weren’t letting go.  It was like they had never been apart.  I want that and I know that love like that has to be earned over many years.  It’s a journey and it would be nice to have some pictures along the way.  Schedule by clicking HERE.

old couple

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2 thoughts on “Who Is Your Valentine?”

  1. I usually have a picture done with just my husband and I when we get pictures taken. I usually have the family picture, kids only and the two of us in a grouping, in the house. While reading your blog post I thought of my in-laws and they have always had them taken together too. Recently my FIL passed away from pancreatic cancer. I know my MIL treasures the photos of just the two of them. I think sometimes people don’t do them because they think of them being like engagement photos but they don’t realize they don’t have to look like that.

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