Why DON’T you schedule at FotoFly??

We’ve just have two good reasons to schedule a session at FotoFly.  Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  We were busy everyday at the studio.  In fact, we started everyday with a full schedule – sometimes with a waiting list.  Now that those important holidays are over, we have openings.

School has just been let out and vacations are starting to happen.  It’s a time a year that many families aren’t thinking about family photography.  Well, I’d like to give you some reasons to consider getting your family images in June.

  • First, I’ll give you 3 free sheets with the coupon below before the end of June.

  • Second, I’ll give you $25 off of our SECRET PRODUCT we are going to start offering.  Don’t ask a lot of questions about the secret, we’re not at liberty to discuss them but let’s just say it’s pretty incredibly amazing – and that’s at my amazing standards which affect the normal level of amazing by a factor of double or triple – anyway, it’s exponentially amazing that I think it’s amazing.

Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 12.06.38 AM

Next, I’d like to address the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM and talk about why many of you don’t come to FotoFly or any other studio for pictures.  So, take two minutes to watch the video below:

Why do you NOT want to come to FotoFly?

You’ve been given an incentive to schedule in June.  You’ve been enlightened about why you should be coming to get your portraits taken at FotoFly.  It’s time to schedule and appointment by clicking HERE.

I hope we see you soon at the studio!  You will like us!  We will take beautiful pictures of you – it’s a win-win!

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