Worth the Wait

I’ve got good news and bad news and good news.  Let’s start with some good news…

First, we have plenty of FotoFly Santa appointments available before Christmas.  These are just $35 for a couple of poses with your family/children and Santa.  These images make awesome Christmas cards.  FotoFly Santa is located down at Thanksgiving Point and we’re creating some amazing pictures.  Click here to schedule.  While we do have appointments now, that may change in the next ten days.


The bad news is we don’t have a lot (1 actually) of studio appointments available before Christmas.  This is a great problem to have but we HATE turning anyone away.  We want to photograph every family.

The good news is that we are willing to offer something to those of you who can wait until January.  We are DOUBLING whatever you print in the studio (regular sheets – not enlargements, canvases, etc) in January with this coupon.  So, if you buy 3 sheets, we’ll give you 6!  They DON’T have to be the same sizes.  THIS IS TRUE FOR CARDS TOO.  Perhaps you can send out Happy New Year cards and distinguish yourself from the pile of ‘Merry Christmas’ cards people receive this year?  I hope this offer will encourage many of you to wait until January.  Click here to schedule your New Year’s pictures (or maybe Valentine’s Day cards)…

New Years Special

Print this coupon to receive this in January.

There’s a reason why we don’t have appointments left.  We are the best at this.  They say that the longer you wait for something, the more you appreciate it when you get it.  Because anything worth having is worth the wait. 

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