You won’t believe what happens next!

high five

I couldn’t believe what I just saw!  Is it really possible??  I have never really heard of this happening.  I literally thought that it was impossible to miss a high five from one foot away!  At first, I thought it must have been staged.  But, after several expert reviews of the video, we’ve decided that this video is  authentic:

We were concerned that, if they couldn’t do a high-five at close range, there must be something medically wrong with them.  After  neurological and muscular tests usually reserved for spinal cord injuries, we’ve learned that they both suffer from ‘incoordination.’  It  isn’t curable and they’ll deal with it the rest of their lives.  They may never catch a ball again.

Speaking of coordination, we have a photographer who is very coordinated.  Her name is Kate and she’s been a photographer for FotoFly for almost THREE YEARS!  And she can do this:Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 1.01.10 PM

After Bobbi, Kenny, and I work for the first 4 weeks to fully establish our style at the new studio in Kaysville, Kate will take over.  We will be using a combination of flash and natural light.  This is a higher level of difficulty and she is qualified to create some amazing images for you.  She can also give you a high-five at the end of your session – with her foot.  If you want.  Or with her hand.  Whichever isn’t that sweaty.  Her hands aren’t usually sweaty but her feet – you know, they’re inside of her shoes and when she’s running around… This is getting more awkward the more I talk about it.

fotoflyhome-01The new studio is called FotoFly Home.  The studio is actually a home we’ve redesigned in Kaysville.  It’s at 196 N. 200 W.  We’ve been busy designing, constructing and furnishing this home.  We will offer a relaxing, natural style.  Sessions will last longer than they do at the studio.$99-01

During the first four weeks we’re open, you can get a FotoFly Home session for $99 instead of $125.  So, if you schedule before March 15th, you’ll get a discount for being an early adopter.  Click ‘schedule’ below to schedule (that was probably unnecessary instruction).  You won’t regret giving this new concept a try.schedule-01

I’d like to give away another session for FotoFly Home.  To win, comment on the Facebook post that led you here.  Simply tell us your most embarrassing moment.  We’ll choose our favorite tomorrow.  We’ll continue the ‘manipulative headline giveaways’ tomorrow.  You won’t believe what happens next!

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